Former NASA Fuentes Having Science Discovered Faith – SRM Science and Religion in the Media

Former NASA Fuentes Having Science Discovered Faith – SRM Science and Religion in the Media

Former NASA science employee Deacon Javier Fuentes discovers faith and a more “rewarding” career.

While working as a chemical technician at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Javier A. Fuentes Cabrera, now a deacon, out of belief in the existence of God.

He claims that the mathematics behind the electron’s motion within the atomic nucleus is so precise that even if it were changed by the smallest fraction of a percentage point, life would not be possible.

In his words, science shows how clearly “it is the work of God.” Deacon Fuentes earned a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from the University of Maryland at College Park, after which he began working at Goddard’s Planetary Environments Laboratory.

He participated in various missions, including the Mars Curiosity Rover, where he analyzed geological data from Mars. During these analyses, he discovered Earth-like materials and conducted comparative studies.

While he enjoyed his career at Goddard as a native Puerto Rican, he did not find it “satisfying” as a potential priestly vocation. After discussions with a US Army chaplain, Father Jesús Muñoz (his spiritual guide, friend, and compatriot), he participated in a retreat of discernment that “solidified” his intention of becoming a priest.

The seed of his priestly vocation was planted twenty years ago when Javier Fuentes became an altar boy at La Grota de Lourdes in Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico shortly after receiving his First Communion.

“He was brought up on the example of excellent priests, who had a great influence on him,” said Deacon Fuentes. “I saw how important and interesting their lives were and I wanted to be like them.”

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source: Catholic Review.

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