In Verona a photographic exhibition on women in science

In Verona a photographic exhibition on women in science

STEM Passion opens at the Verona Chamber of Commerce from November 4 to December 31: free admission.

New comes in Verona Photo gallery “STEM Passion” dedicated to women of science In the face of challenges, complacency and even stereotypes that still gravitate around this union.

The exhibition is the result of an idea and commitment Elisabetta Citterio and Claudia Cagliano, Arrives in the city thanks to the School and Vocational Steering Committee COSP VERONA who have for years been devoting deep attention to the topic of choosing the course of study they face Teenagers and young adults, including those who may be looking into the STEM field. Great attention will be paid to this Veronese phase of the “STEM Passion” project. Submit to schools.

Opened on November 4 at the Verona Chamber of Commerce. View the authors together eminent representatives of the world of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, Including contribution Ilaria Capua. Offer will be Open to visitors until December 31, 2022 with free entry From Monday to Friday from 9 to 17.

“Promoting cultural change”.

The aim of the exhibition is to highlight the mail Fostering contributions of excellence and passion Not only to celebrate the successes of the great Italian and international scholars but also to testify that such a choice is possible if one wishes to make it tangible.

The project was born with the aim of promoting a cultural change‘, commented Elisabetta Citterio. Photography seemed to me the most appropriate method Overcoming the stereotype Which still identifies in some cases those who conduct research with the character of a man of a certain age locked in his laboratory. The field of research, which I know firsthand, is taking shape instead Many women who bring innovation to society, Including communication, and through this exhibition I want to highlight them.”

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On the occasion of the exhibition will be 39 screenshots from many scientists of different ages and nationalities were shown Is that
They hold important roles in universities and in international research fields. I 9 European countries represented and 17 cities, three certificates from the United States. The exhibition is constantly evolving and is enriched at every stage with new contributions and stories.

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