Maria de Felipe, the shocking accusation of Amici: “They want to kill me”

Maria de Felipe, the shocking accusation of Amici: “They want to kill me”

during the day friends Today, Friday, March 17, the last one was reported “gloves” Who can be chosen in the first episode of the evening broadcast tomorrow, Saturday, March 18th. AaronRudy Zerbi’s apprentice, was one of the first recipients. He got it from Arisa who wanted to turn against him wax. Thus, the number of gloves in which the two students compete increases to three. But it doesn’t end there. Because then it was Lorella Cucarini to throw another gauntlet at him clique.

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At that moment Aaron shouted: “Another person? They want to kill me. But are they afraid?” But Arisa is a flood: “She pretends to master the stage,” she wrote in the motivational letter: “In wax you see a figure while in a pupil of Rudi Zerbi you do not. He defines it as an important gift, which, unfortunately, he cannot find in him. Then the Amici 22 mentor (here’s the evening’s preview) continues: “The wax masters the stage, while sometimes Aaron seems to pretend to own it.” Furthermore, he “has a way of moving that’s always the same without really being able to entertain.” And in fact, the gauntlet is on stage.

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Then Cocharini adds, “But he should avoid copying and pasting confined to the sound without putting anything of himself.” On the contrary, according to Lorella, Cricca is more spontaneous and manages to get excited.

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