A new treatment improves control of motor symptoms in Parkinson's patients, a study shows

A new treatment improves control of motor symptoms in Parkinson's patients, a study shows

It is a medicine that contains levodopa and is given under the skin

Barcelona, ​​April 11. (European Press) –

Barcelona's Val d'Hebron Hospital participated in a phase III international clinical trial, which concluded that a new treatment with levodopa “improves” control of motor symptoms in Parkinson's patients, it said Thursday in a statement. On the occasion of World Parkinson's Day, April 11.

The multi-center study, published in the journal “Lancet Neurology”, showed the effectiveness and safety of the treatment ND0612, developed by the pharmaceutical company NeuroDerm, which consists of administering “levodopa” subcutaneously, through a small pump implanted under the skin. leather.

Among the treatment options for Parkinson's patients, who suffer from involuntary and uncontrolled movements and fluctuations in their motor state, are the oral drug levodopa, which is not effective in all patients, and invasive techniques such as deep brain stimulation.

Aiming to find less invasive alternatives to treating Parkinson's disease, researchers analyzed data from 243 patients with the disease from more than 100 centers to compare the effectiveness of an all-day subcutaneous infusion with that of oral levodopa.

longer without symptoms

Vall d'Hebron neurologist Jorge Hernandez Vara noted that the study results show that subcutaneous infusion “delivers more stable levels of the drug,” approximately two additional hours without involuntary movements compared to taking levodopa orally.

In addition, he specified that this difference is due to the fact that if levodopa is taken orally, “the levels of the drug in the blood differ and this means that symptoms are not always controlled.”

The study also indicated that patients treated with ND0612 could perform activities of daily living better, such as eating, dressing, washing, or writing.

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Hernandez Vara added that the ND0612 treatment allows for an individualized approach in the treatment of Parkinson's patients, so it is “a good alternative before considering other options with more invasive surgery.”

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