In the end it didn’t work

In the end it didn’t work

Now it seems that Charlene of Monaco and her husband have reached the point of no return: and his sister Carolina will be ready to take advantage …

The mystery deepens, and among the pink outlines, black is also tinged. The latest updates from the Principality of Monaco tell us about a situation that is now reaching its limits for Charlene of Monaco and her husband Alberto. The former swimming champion has already made her decision: to leave the royal palace and her wife forever.

In recent weeks, as is known, Charlene was forced to leave the Principality of Monaco for serious health reasons, which once again kept the entire kingdom on guard, starting with her husband and the royal family. But it didn’t take long for me to realize that Charlene’s removal was really something that wasn’t entirely temporary. At the end of March, in fact, there was talk of a real escape from Palazzo Grimaldi and an ultimatum to Alberto, in the series: take it or leave it.

The sad end of the marriage of Charlene and Albert of Monaco

In the past few hours, a flowery word considered taboo for Charlene and her wife has been circulating: divorce. According to the magazine New TV, Charlene would have addressed sad and harsh words to her partner: “Alberto, this is the only way to avoid a divorce.” What does “sad princess” mean?

Charlene would have chosen the expulsion from Monte Carlo in order to make it useless and unnecessary. According to others, Charlene was allowed to live on her own, so that she would not have to file for divorce and cause another scandal in court. “He is said to be staying not there but in a villa in Roc-Agille, near Beau-Lieu-sur-Mer, where he will spend his rehabilitation with his children,” said Barbara Ronchi Della Roca, an expert on royal events.

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Between two quarrels, the third undoubtedly enjoys Carolina Monaco, the “little brother” who has never tolerated Charlene and who in this way will be able to firmly take her place on the throne alongside Albert, as she has done in recent months. Moreover, unfortunately for the Prince of Monaco, documents have recently appeared that can destroy his reputation. On the pages of Le Monde we read some financial inquiries about an organization that is trying to weaken the prince with a series of economic operations. The documents, called Dossier du Rochers, were intended to discredit Albert and his closest associates. But it doesn’t stop there.

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