Iva Zanicchi, Huge Brawler in Dancing with the Stars: Taken and Pulled So | The end of the world is happening

Iva Zanicchi, Huge Brawler in Dancing with the Stars: Taken and Pulled So |  The end of the world is happening
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Protagonist of various controversies from the start, Aquila di Ligonchio is taken off the post. what will he do?

a path Vat Zanicchi to me Dancing with the stars He was distinguished from the outset by his discussions with the juror Wild Lucarelli. The two often clashed, starting in October, when, in response to the jury’s vote, the singer muttered, “What a real thing” believing she wasn’t being heard.

Since then, it has been a constant Q&A between the two, as in recent episodes where Lucarelli protests a waltz Zanicchi brought in arguing that she was fifteen and that it is not right towards others that she is always allowed to do the same dance.

Zanicchi’s words

guest a Today is another day Unawares Vat Zanicchi He made confessions that no one expected Lucarelli. announce: “I usually want to be loved, but always, even as a kid. I’m a little sorry, because all in all, I I don’t know WildeWe don’t date, we never date. instinctively I like her. Because she is a smart person, he says things, I sometimes agree with her opinions. I don’t know why she has this…she has so much fun with me, but she also says the right things eh.”

added: I will not rule out lunch with Selvagia, One person said to me: You two can be great friends. And maybe you’re right because I’m caring and curious, she’s a smart woman and I like smart people. Of course when he always attacks me it bothers me a bit.”

Zanicchi carried her weight

But in context Secret dance An unpublished behind the scenes story about the two was revealed on Raiplay. Samuel Byron addressed to the presenter Millie Carlucci He said: “You imagine when Lucarelli resumed her work, she left… She was center stage in front of the screen and exclaimed ‘Why are you..'” he is here Vat Zanicchi admits: “I was talking to her through the screen and the others grabbed me and carried me away.”

Selvagia Lucarelli and Eva Zanicchi-Linederetta 24

In the end, in spite of everything, the singer made it to the final and is always in the living room Burton He stated: “I’m sorry but I also went to the final. I’m sorry no, I’m glad I made it to the final. Maybe someone is burning but patience.

Who was he referring to? VAT? We have some doubts. I continue: “I don’t know, but certainly someone, but I don’t think I took anyone’s place away, because I worked hard, I danced: I danced last night. Samuel did beautiful and touching dances.”

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