“If Junts is the same program as PSC for things like hard rock, it's hard to understand each other.”

“If Junts is the same program as PSC for things like hard rock, it's hard to understand each other.”

BarcelonaLaia Estrada (Tarragona, 1982) visits the ARA in the midst of an electoral maelstrom and makes no secret of her concern about the potential rise of the far right.

The CUP comes to the elections after two elections in which it lost its representation and plunged into a process of re-establishment. What time are they?

We cannot hide the impact of political discontent and popular demobilization on us because we are still in the 1-O stage. But Garbe's strategic discussion process was a milestone we set apart from electoral disputes.

The idea of ​​a ban was not put to them, but rather a negotiation of a possible inauguration, as they have already done in 2021.

We offer ourselves as a guarantee to amend the policies that have been taken so far because we come from a legislative council that is determined by the Peace and Security Council without any effort. They had Perry Aragones take over the entire overall project agenda and make it his own. Aragones maintained his government in the Peace and Security Council, accepting the pressures that were being exerted on him, without strengthening himself with his left to confront this drift.

But in Parliament there was a very clear majority that included the PSC, but also the Junts, PP, Ciutadans and Vox in favor of projects like Hard Rock.

President Aragones' mistake was that he became obsessed with the idea that there was no alternative but to join the PSC and allow himself to be pressured to divide the region and put it at the service of big companies. Aragones has allowed Salvador Illa to occupy the center of the legislature when doing so poses a danger to the country and the planet, because his defense of major projects falls within the framework of climate denial. It is the most right-wing and most Spanish-speaking PSC in history, with nothing left of Pasqual Maragall, with a Cs-like program that raises issues such as trilingualism in the school.

Together to the left of the PSC?

— In this legislature we saw that the economic program of the PSC was the same as that of the Junts. Now we hear Carles Puigdemont and it's surprising that he says he's against hard rock.

Puigdemont did not say that he was against the Tarragona project, but he made clear that it was not the model he wanted for all of Catalonia.

– Well, he'll have to figure it out, and that's what we need to know. If the Junts program is the same as the PSC in this matter, it is difficult to understand each other, and it is difficult for Puigdemont to be able to resume the conflict with the state.

Talk about the social program?

— All this is part of Pedro Sánchez's reunification agenda, and these macro projects are policies fully compatible with the 1978 regime. Therefore, Puigdemont must clarify whether Gontz's program is the PSC's program in this matter, because this is inconsistent with the resumption of the process of self-determination of our people.

So they won't vote for a president who won't stop Hard Rock?

– The matter is more complicated than stopping the Hard Rock project. Water management is also in the service of the people, not the tourism sector. It's not a specific red line, it's a general approach.

Do you prefer Puigdemont or Aragones?

We will put on the table a program to respond to the climate crisis and poverty through price control measures. We can get along with Esquerra, Junts and the public because they are pro-independence or sovereign forces and we can talk to them about moving forward with ambitious laws that will not only use our powers to the maximum but will also help us overcome the 1978 regime. .

Do they think that Puigdemont should be returned to his position or is he still the legitimate president?

– It was a redemption scene in 2017 when our four MPs were left alone in Parliament with their fists raised to invest Carles Puigdemont. This was the scene of the response. Since then we have had two legislatures, and not only have we not advanced, we have gone backwards. We are not in a scenario of restitution in any way, but we are putting on the table those measures that guarantee the rights of the people and that this is linked to moving our independence process forward.

Was the installation of Pedro Sanchez by Esquerra and Gents a mistake?

– What was a huge mistake was to subordinate all Catalan politics to Madrid and completely empty Parliament of sovereignty. This must be left behind by recovering our own national and social agenda and governing as we did in 2015, by approving social or environmental laws.

Laws that cannot be enforced because the TC invalidated them.

We must explore the limits of disobedience. Social conquests throughout history and throughout the world have been achieved by rupture and accompanied by mobilization.

However, they cannot impose their program in negotiations where there will be stronger parties with proposals that conflict with their own. For example, Junts wants to abolish the inheritance tax.

– We do not want to impose anything on anyone, but we do not agree to abolishing taxes on the rich because what we need is to impose more taxes on those with great wealth to spread redistribution policies. Now is the time to promote health and education. What we want to know is whether Pere Aragones intends to facilitate an agreement with Salvador Illa, because we are not clear at the moment. If they are willing to amend what happened in the last legislature then we can certainly understand each other.

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Alhora and Aliança Catalana say a DUI can be filed from today to tomorrow. Does the CUP have a more realistic position?

— We're not abandoning the unilateral approach, but defending a DUI now is like selling smoke. This is completely ridiculous when we say that it is possible to agree on the referendum with Pedro Sanchez. It is necessary to regain the initiative and go beyond the limits of the regime through a broad pro-independence movement, as it is seen that the pro-independence forces are working to improve people's daily lives. This allows us to add more support to our independence project and resume the conflict with the state. With this accumulation of forces, it is possible to consider holding a unilateral referendum again and imposing international mediation that forces the state to recognize our right to self-determination.

Are you concerned about the possibility of a xenophobic formation like Alianca Catalana entering Parliament?

We are concerned about the rise of the far right, regardless of the flag it hides behind. But when we also talk about the far right hiding behind independence, or independence, there is a stark contradiction here, which is that what these people are looking for is the division of Catalan society, and that this is exactly what Spanish unionism has always sought. . They are enemies of the cause of independence.

Was Carles Puigdemont strong enough to refuse to support this formation?

-I have to be clear about that.

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