Dress code for women. Controversy in the United States over the new Missouri law

Dress code for women.  Controversy in the United States over the new Missouri law

on me United State Pressure was released on how the deputies did They can wear clothes state officeState Chamber, from Missouri. In the first session of the State Assembly, the Republican majority checked The dress to be worn Of the women, leaving the man alone. A stricter dress code is part of a new set of rules. Members are required to cover shoulders Wearing a jacket such as a cardigan, cardigan, or jersey jacket. The addition, proposed by Republican Congresswoman Ann Kelly, teased discontent by some Democrats. The latter determines the provision sexist Where the changes are on The dress to be worn For women only.

New uniform for Missouri congresswomen

Specifically, the new law states that an arm of state congresswomen covered. Initially, the proposal was for the obligatory jacket, and then it was mitigated by providing for the possibility of wearing sweaters.

as pointed out CNNthe men Members of the Missouri House of Representatives are required to wear a suit, dress shirt, and tie. A former dress code is required for women.”Dresses, skirts, or pants worn with a blazer or jacket and matching shoes or bootsSpeaking on the floor, Kelly said she felt compelled to introduce the change.Clean part of language“and the mirrors”Gentleman’s dress“.

Men should wear a suit, shirt and tie, right? If they entered here without a tie, they’d be knocked down in a heartbeat. Therefore, we are interested in preservingequality (between men and women ed)Kelly explained during the discussion.

The new controversy that fuels the United States

L’anger From Representative Democrats not long. As mentioned, the action has been described as sexist and hypocritical, considering the same House members who fought the use of masks in the courtroom over Covid are now focusing on how women dress to show respect.

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Let’s fight again for women’s right to chooseAccording to Republican Kelly, the revision of the dress code is linked to the need to “Maintain a formal and professional atmosphere“.

The amendment to the House Dress Code passed in a call-and-call vote and the new rules were subsequently adopted by the GOP-controlled legislature by a vote of 105 to 51, but not without opposition and debate from the Democrats in the chamber.

Republicans amended their amendment to include i Cardigan After Democratic state Congresswoman Rachel Brody criticized the impact the jacket order could have pregnant women.

dim Peter Meredith Instead he refused to vote on the amendment. “I don’t think I’m qualified to say what’s or isn’t appropriate for women and I think it’s a really dangerous road for all of us to go.He told his colleagues in the courtroom. The controversy is just beginning.

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