A fourth-grade student corrects an incorrect question on the new education tests

Top Diagnostic tests In the fourth grade and second grade of ESO, which will be held in April this year Discomfort By some teachers. Many centers complain of excessive workload and the “poorly competent” examination format defined by the Spanish education law LOMLOE.

These complaints are now added to Errors in content Of exams, that Center manager The school reached TV3. In the Spanish test A fourth grade student corrected a statement.

They asked them: Why don't we see the stars during the day? The boy, as shown in the picture, skips the question and rephrases it: “Why do we only see a star during the day?” It also answers the question: “The sun makes us unable to see more stars.”

As the child points out, The sun is a huge star Which brings together, specifically, the solar system. The principal herself adds that on the day of the exam, the student had already told them that the text was wrong.

Send the correction to the teacher The Supreme Council for Educational System Evaluation. From this body, which is affiliated with the Ministry of Education, it responded in an e-mail, which reads verbatim:

“Very good! Congratulations to this kid for his punctuality! He's absolutely right. We noticed that. Cheers.”

According to the same source, in the form of another test, there was Another mistake. He said “I” with an accent, when that accent was removed years ago. The teacher complains:Not even those taking the tests know how to write them.

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