October 5, 2022

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In Milan we challenge each other with the sound of kites: the national final at the Museum of Science and Technology

Take an A4 sheet, fold it to make a plane and throw it in the air – you are ready to compete in the Red Bull Paper Wings.

Take an A4 sheet, fold it to make a plane and throw it in the air – you are ready to compete in the Red Bull Paper Wings.

Red Bull Paper Wings: Final in Milan

Italian final for Red Bull Paper Wings It will be held on Tuesday, April 19, 2022 at the Leonardo da Vinci National Museum of Science and Technology in Milan, and now that the qualification stages have been completed, it is necessary to determine who is the best.

It is precisely in the museum dedicated to the Florentine genius where he devoted part of his life to understanding how to fly, that now the most skilled bombers will compete against each other to the sound of kites: those that fly the longest (challenging each other in “AirTime”) and those that go farthest From it (category “distance”).

Qualifications in seven Italian stages

In Italy, 7 qualifying stages were held in Padua, Turin, Pozzuoli, Modena, Bologna, Rome and Salerno. For each Italian stage, the driver qualified a rider for each of the two categories. Now the best will compete in Milan and the winners from both categories will take part in the global final scheduled for May 13-14 at Red Bull Hangar-7 in Salzburg.

distance class

No petrol. No drives. As we read on event location It’s just a kite folded from A4 paper and the ability to throw it farther than anyone else. Each player has two attempts to throw the field in a national event, and only the best score will be taken into account. But only the jockey that has reached the longest distance will qualify for the World Final.

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broadcast category

Flex, calibrate and check the aerodynamics before allowing the aircraft to fly as long as possible.
Two shooting attempts at a national event and only your best time will be counted. But only the driver with the longest time is guaranteed a place in the World Final. In 2019, Cameron Clark won the title on air with a flight of 13.33 seconds.

Rules to be respected

All competitions are held indoors, in the absence of wind, air conditioning or fans. Kites should be made with a stretch sheet of paper: Standard A4 format, no more than 100 gr. This paper can be Adjust it just by folding it. Do not tear, glue, cut, staple or ballast!

The flight control system must ensure that pilots share a folded paper plane – other shapes such as paper sticks or paper balls are not allowed!

Kites must be built on site using official papers provided by Red Bull. The aircraft must be launched by one person standing behind a straight launch line marked on the ground. Exceeding, stepping on or touching the throwing line will result in disqualification. Touching the throwing line or any other point beyond that line will result in an invalid attempt. After completing the playing field, the bowler can cross the delivery line.

Two exams are allowed per participant. It is possible to use different aircraft, the best launch will be the last.

The results will be uploaded to the website.redbullpaperwings.com).