International Conference in Pisa

International Conference in Pisa

On October 26 and 27, an appointment with european cathedral conferenceWhich reaches its eleventh edition this year. Designed and organized by Opera della Primaziale Pisana to present an open international discussion table for European mega-monumental complexes, this year’s theme “Science and Restoration” is proposed. Dialogue between tradition and innovation in conservation skills.

New scientific discoveries and the development of investigative tools that allow more and more accurate analysis of the issue, expanding knowledge of artistic work and thus possibilities and methods Recovery. Despite this, the character of the restorer with his expertise, with his “workshop secrets” and his ability to distinguish each case individually, remains at the heart of this ancient knowledge.

The conference will provide many insights on the topic, addressed by the many perspectives that individual construction sites can offer, on three main sessions: Old and New Professionals, Restoration and Data Management, Multidisciplinary Construction Site. Among the many guests, two are of particular interest: the guard of Saint Sophia in Kyiv and one of the architects involved in the reconstruction of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

The huge European complexes participating this year are Pisa Cathedral, Bern Cathedral, Santa Sophia Cathedral in Kyiv, Veneranda Fabrica del Duomo di Milano, Dijon Cathedral, Siena Cathedral, Valletta Cathedral in Malta, Toledo Cathedral, Orvieto Cathedral, Vitoria Cathedral, San Lorenzo Basilica in Nuremberg, York Cathedral, Cologne Cathedral, Messner Cathedral, St. Mark’s Cathedral in Venice, Paris Cathedral, Strasbourg Cathedral, Angouleme Cathedral, St. George’s Southwark Church (London) and Florence Cathedral.

This year’s conference also witnesses the participation of representatives from the most important restoration institutes in the Italian territory, such as the Higher Institute of Conservation and Restoration in Rome and the Opificio delle Pietre Dure of Florence, and some international associations working in the field of conservation. , such as the Dombaumeister EV Association (Master Masons of the Fabbricerie) and the Association of Architects in the United Kingdom. The academic and research world will also be present, with the University of Pisa, CNR-ICCOM and two important private realities: Daniel Rossi’s studio, which has extensive experience in painting restoration, and Equilibrarte, which specializes in structural aspects of restoration and preventive preservation.

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