In Horner's case, Verstappen doesn't take sides, but defends his father: 'He's not a liar'

The fact that the engines will be restarted within a few hours seems to be the least of the concerns of those awaiting the second weekend of the World Championship. But in Jeddah We continue to talk about the Horner case And its corollary, which is the rumors about the future of Max Verstappen, which may be far from the dominant Red Bull after the harsh words of his father Gus addressed to the team director. The initially only whispered rift between the two different spirits of the Milton Keynes team – the Austrian spirit, who belongs to the world champion's family, and the Indonesian spirit, who has always supported Horner – became public knowledge through the interview given by Verstappen Sr. awarded to daily Mail. Which for several days seemed like a kind of warning to the other party. So it's inevitable that Super Max will expose himself to questions about the relationship between his father and the Wall Head after the recent dramatic fallout.

Diplomacy to the max

For his part, Verstappen Jr. instead continues on the path of diplomacy that he has already taken in Sakhir: “I am just a driver and I know nothing about what is happening at the top, but from my point of view I get paid for it.” Focus on performance related issues in the device. This is what I will be focusing on all weekend. Whatever was said in Bahrain by anyone, we must put it behind us now. I really wish I could have a quieter weekend here.” The reference to the controversy sparked by Father Gus's interview seems obvious, but that doesn't mean Max is turning his back on his biggest supporter: “I think he felt he was saying what he said, but as far as I'm concerned I have no interest in siding with one or the other“.

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Gus support

In fact, there is no lack of support for the father: “Since I am his son, it would be strange for me to find myself in a different situation (from his, editor). But what I want now is to be able to focus on performance and talk as little as possible about things that happen off the track. We have a great car and I want a great season. In general, regardless of whether there are arguments or not, I believe that things can always be corrected. We are all fully grown and know each other. I, for one, have not always generally agreed with Formula 1's choices which is why I thought it was good to discuss this. One can then agree or disagree, but that's how relationships work. my dad? As much as I know him from his karting days, I can say he is a very honest guy. But he is definitely not a liar“.

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