Agnelli’s clear thoughts, NEDVED GREAT JUVENTINO, to understand if he would be a great director

Agnelli’s clear thoughts, NEDVED GREAT JUVENTINO, to understand if he would be a great director

The Juventus shareholder meeting was an important moment to take the pulse of the company after a difficult moment that is not yet over, with a team that is no longer as strong as it was in the past and wants to grow and develop.

The president summed up the situation clearly: “In January 2020 we completed the capital increase and in February 2020 the world stopped with Covid that hit everyone hard. It is not good to think about the future in a mediocre way, especially since this must be true for Juventus. The crisis of the epidemic made me assess its impact. On society, life and health system. Quarantine made me think a lot: When I was young there wasn’t even that word but my kids now wonder what rules to respect when they go abroad. This should make them understand the impact I made on society. We played 60 games Without an audience, buffers every day and even bubbles and Pavel knows it very well. It was an unreal period that led to a series of economic crises all this led to a political crisis that led to the birth of the Premier League and the procedures began and then were canceled.ti from the European Football Association (UEFA) and we are waiting Now the ruling of the European Court of Justice.One of the major changes in the world of football has been the downsizing of the transfer market for football players.It has risen from 6.5 billion for European clubs in 2019 to 4 billion in 2020 and then 3 billion in 202 1. This market situation will have repercussions for small and medium-sized teams. If we want to return to full normal this season, we can address the effects of Covid at the end of this season. The impact of direct and indirect impacts 320 million by 40% we will see this year and we will remove the effects of Covid this season. What Covid has left cannot be undone.

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Clear Thoughts About Super Law: The president at Superlega has very clear thoughts: “Superlega was a note from 12 companies given that the aging scaffolding that underpins football refuses any change to maintain a political class that doesn’t want to risk but doesn’t belong in the current period and wants to take advantage of it. I don’t want to give up. No I do it yesterday and I won’t do it tomorrow. The system needs to change and Juve want to be a part of it. But only through constructive dialogue.”

Constructive dialogue is essential for laying the foundations for the growth of the system.

Sustainability and growth – The new Juventus project starts from the company’s sustainability and growth: “A new path of credibility based on five points: financial, management, environmental and social governance, political leadership and maintaining strong sporting competitiveness. We must love, fight, suffer and win, and all the men and women of this club must do so.” We are Juventus and we must aim to win in every competition we participate in. It is our creed. We must know how to use resources to invest in the team and determine the best options to win. We are Juventus and we have to win.”

Nedved repeats the concept: “The only thing that matters is winning. The coach, the staff and even the players know that now. A moment we have to think about one game at a time and try to get the positions back. It’s hard to talk about that. Goals but it’s only ten days and we have a lot of games and we have plenty of room to go. Time to recover.”

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Pavel Nedved had previously responded to the criticism recently: “I wanted to respond calmly and sincerely by explaining what I think. You can’t play such a prestigious role just because I’m a friend of the president I don’t think. This property will allow. I felt so many responsibilities. I I also heard fair criticism regarding my behavior but it is part of my personality. I will always give everything for this company, I have always worked for it and will until the last day I am here. Your words hurt me but they are part of my personality and I will never change, I will do my job with utmost personality and commitment.”

No one disputes the greatness and juventine of Pavel Nedved, the undersigned has his star at home and knows how passionate he is about black and white, however, we, like everyone else, can not assess the past and present, Pavel will have to prove himself a worthy manager and get the results, i.e. victories Unfortunately, the difference is always in the trophies and Pavel must be an added value to get them, we are convinced he can do it, and we obviously encourage him in the same way he did when he took the field.

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