Zarqazi, Biasin: “Do not break commissions.” Soma: “Even if…”

Zarqazi, Biasin: “Do not break commissions.”  Soma: “Even if…”

After a year of complaints and rumblings about the commissions paid by Inter for Marcus Thuram, Milan is preparing to pay £10 for Zirkzee.

After a year of complaints and lamentations over the commissions that Inter paid to Marcus Thuram Jamal, 8 million plus zero of his price, Milan is preparing to pay 10 million to Zirkzee in addition to the 40 million of his price. The topic was clearly at the center of discussion in Telelombardia, once again with Mauro Somma and Fabrizio Biacin as protagonists.

Soma: “I don’t work in the transfer market and I don’t know anything about the market. If they decide to pay these commissions, it is clear that they believe that the total investment in the footballer should be made.”

Biacin: “I wanted to say two things. The first: If Milan buys Zirkzee they will make a big coup. He is a rare player, and I think he will also do well at San Siro. A great artistic coup. The second: For a year later, I repeated ‘commissions, commissions,’ Shame on commissions, we don’t have to come to terms, it’s not zero for commissions, commissions now there’s a big commission that shouldn’t be demonized again.” Lies about commissions, if a club buys a player for nothing and pays 8 million in commissions and the next year it’s worth “Player 60 million, they have achieved a great coup.”

Soma: “I don’t know if Zirkzee will come or not. Let’s say that’s true. For every rule there is an exception. If so, there are always exceptions to see. If Milan believes for once that he will come.” Worth paying these commissions would be an exception.”

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