Persona 3 update: The expansion pass has been announced, including Episode Aigis: The Answer

Persona 3 update: The expansion pass has been announced, including Episode Aigis: The Answer

During the Xbox Partner Preview, that was the case Advertise with trailer also Persona 3 Update: Expansion Passor a DLC pack to remake the third chapter of the Atlus series which also includes the bulk Episode Aegis: The Answerwhich is a notable addition to the main story.

Please note that all content within the bundle will be available at launch within the catalog Xbox Game PassSubscribers will therefore be able to access it essentially for free, as part of their subscription to the Microsoft service.

As shown in the trailer, these are important additions, with elements that are more or less important in terms of actual game content.

However, it is a series of extras, with the first “waves” representing less significant but still interesting content for great fans of the series.

Aigis Episode: The Answer arrives in September

Persona 3: Expansion Pass, image of one of the additional content

“Wave 1” of the Persona 3 Reload Expansion Pass is expected on March 12, 2024 and contains Persona 5 Royal Extra. Background music collection and the Golden Bonus Background Music Collection from Persona 4, primarily with additional music tracks inspired by other chapters of the series.

“Wave 2,” which arrives in May, includes other paddling routes and even additional costumes, but what matters most is the content presented within. Wave 3, arriving in September 2024: This is what Aigis: The Answer contains, which is a true expansion.

The answer takes the additional elements of the FES version, after the original, which includes some sort of Extra ending New narrative elements help complete Persona 3's story and are therefore an important addition for players who want to get the full experience.

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In the meantime, we refer you to our review of Persona 3 Reload.

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