In 1929 he changed the way Peugeot cars were named

In 1929 he changed the way Peugeot cars were named

Peugeot, well known to those who have always considered the French brand as one of their references, can boast of being one of the most important manufacturers at the European level. While it is true that the French brand also has a presence in other markets, its models are most successful on the roads of the Old Continent.

The manufacturer, as with the rest of the general manufacturers, has always had one of its main goals to reach as many drivers as possible, and therefore it is common to see that Peugeot It has one of the largest and most diverse catalogs on European markets, with models that usually have an excellent quality-price ratio.

This feeling, Peugeot It is no different from other brands as with Renault, Opel, seat Or even non-European brands as is the case Come here s Toyota. What distinguishes the French brand from other manufacturers is that, in addition to the fact that its designs and technologies are clearly different, Peugeot She has been betting on some kind of nomenclature for her cars for many decades which is very unusual.

The reason why Peugeot names its models with numbers

And this is it Peugeot He usually names his models with a numerical code. So, as we can see the brand composition, we can find in the model like 208he 308he 2008he 3008he 408 Or the 5008among many others.

Tradition that was opened on 1929 Thanks to the decision made by the then responsible for the brand, the model was named 6CV 129 201among other things because it was the 201st project for the brand.

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Since then, I've seen how successful that first one was 201The French brand has decided to continue betting on this commercial strategy regarding the names of its cars, a strategy that has clearly undergone various changes over the years.

One of the most obvious of these changes was the introduction of a fourth number, specifically an extra zero, a modification designed for models with SUV-type bodies such as Box 2008he 3008 And the 5008. On the other hand, we have also seen in recent years how the French brand, to define the electric versions of each model, has combined the letter and in front of the number.

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