«Fight between Russian forces and Wagner mercenaries» – Corriere.it

«Fight between Russian forces and Wagner mercenaries» – Corriere.it

battle between RBreak ordinary Russians And group fighters to mercenaries for the Russian private company Wagner It would happen on Sunday April 23rd in the territory luhansk, in a city Stancia Luhanska. The news, which is now impossible to verify, was published by the Ukrainian website on Sunday evening Kyiv Independentwho cited unspecified sources from the General Staff Kyiv.

in your loop Very little detail. According to some comments posted on Twitter Then removed in record time lo clash It would have been caused by a quarrel between some members of the two groups, which then veer off into one shooting. So it was not “friendly fire”, as sometimes happens in all wars, but real friction between two allies on the field. Wagner’s mercenaries have been accused of various crimes in Ukraine. A few days ago, two of them revealed that they had deliberately killed several children, following orders received from their superiors.

If confirmed, the news could refer to a turning point In the relations Really tough company Yevgeny Prigozhin And He flies. The founder of Wagner was very close before Russian President Vladimir Putin, But he’s had a hard time in recent weeks, and he’s often hushed up Russian media In order not to give way to constant criticism of the leadership of the forces He flies, Criticisms, which according to various sources, would have angered even Putin. the previous Tsar’s cook as it is often called PrigozhinAfter some trouble with the law as a young man, he became an established entrepreneur thanks to government contracts for institutional catering, supplying meals to…the Russian army and service companies.

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In recent years in business restaurantAnd Prigozhin She added the ladies’ ones war. Wagner’s group of mercenaries in recent years has been active in all theaters of war where he was Russia Interests: who Syria In the Libya and al Sudan. in Ukraine According to some sources, the private company was supposed to deploy tens of thousands of fighters.

It was the militiamen Prigozhin For weeks they have been besieging a city Bakhmut, Unimportant from a purely military point of view, but it has become a symbol for both sides. between the mercenaries Many recruits in Russian prisons In exchange for the promise of freedom at the endwaret al They will come fromSyriafrom Libyafrom South Africa And fromAfghanistan.

Private company soldiers – you pay them money from The Kremlin Through a system Putin’s opponents describe as “tangled and opaque” – they are being deployed in some areasUkraine Alone, in others beside regular forces. According to Ukrainian testimonies, especially in the area of ​​dBakhmut Convicts recruited by Wagner were often used cannon fodder;, was sent to attack the Ukrainian lines to weaken the resistance, use up ammunition and locate outposts and then beat them up with artillerymen. This way they will be thousands i fallen mercenaries.

Prigozhin For its part it has shown since the beginningInvade some distrust of Moscow leadership And in recent weeks, the criticism has become increasingly caustic. the previous Tsar’s cook At the same time he regretted its inadequacy supply to Weapons and ammunition From Russia to its militia. Then a few days ago, he somehow realigned himself with Putin, but he was only going to do it to get ready to enter politics. In any case, the Kremlin considers him “inconvenient”, even if Moscow cannot do without his support at the moment.

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If there is indeed a clash between Regular forces and militiamenThe relationship between Wagner and Moscow subject to further deterioration. Without independent confirmation, however, the news will be treated with caution, also because it could be a forged It was skillfully spread by the Ukrainians to create problems for the Russian spread or even generalized by some piecemeal components. The world of secret services in Moscow To speed up confrontation Between the official and less tolerant Russian power Prigozhin.

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