Death of a boy in California: Arrest of two suspects for road rage

In a statement released Sunday evening, The California Highway Patrol (CHP), the organization responsible for patrolling state roads, identified them as Marcus Anthony Eris, 24, and Vine Lee, 23.

They were arrested at their home in Costa Mesa, 60 kilometers from Los Angeles. 6-year-old Aidan Lios was shot dead in his mother’s car on May 21 in connection with his death.

According to the local CBS antenna, the two people arrested make up a pair. The man is believed to be the shooter, while the woman is said to have been driving the vehicle.

Can be charged with murder. However, police said prosecutors would make their decision on the exact charges within 48 hours after investigators reviewed the evidence gathered.

While these arrests do not alleviate a mother’s pain at such a loss, I hope the Leos family can have peace of mind, and I am confident that the CHP will work with the Orange County District Attorney for justice., Said Amanda Ray, the organization’s commissioner.

50,000 450,000 was paid for all information related to the case. However, officials did not say whether anyone would receive the award.

The mother of a young boy was on his way to drop his son off at a school in Orange, about fifty miles southeast of the California metropolis, when a car made him a fisherman, which means he had to tell a drag very quickly after the previous one.

The gestures were reportedly exchanged and one of the two motorists in the other vehicle allegedly pulled over to the mother’s car and hit the son who was sitting in the booster seat.

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He said, “Mom, my stomach hurts.”, Aidan’s sister, Alexis Cloon, told local television station Fox11. The panicked mother pulled over to the side of the highway, hugged her son and saw that he was bleeding.

The boy died at the hospital.

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