Horror on a train in Germany: Arab passengers stabbed

Among the wounded are the death toll from the bombing attack knife It happened on a high-speed train in Bavaria, between the Bavarian cities of Regensburg and Nuremberg. German media reported this. A spokesman for the German rail network confirmed that Seubersdorf station, where the train is currently stopping, closed around 9am and that the flight between Regensburg and Nuremberg has been suspended. The arrested person is alleged to be a 27-year-old of Arab origin.

The news from Germany is fragmentary at the moment. “There is wounded“, limited to the announcement of a spokesman for the authorities in Bayerischer Rundfunk. At the moment there is no specific information. The railway authorities issued a statement simply warning passengers that the line is closed and that there are no longer trains, not even at high speed on this route. Police assure us There is no longer any danger.”The alleged attacker was Arrested. There is no indication that there are othersA spokesman for Upper Palatinate Police, the land where the Intercity Express train stopped, said.

Authorities do not rule out for sure terrorist motive. The only note released is that the arrested man may have psychological problems and was in Germany as of 2015.

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