After death, this part of your body continues to live

After death, this part of your body continues to live

Death does not put a complete end to the functioning of the organism as a whole, as one might think.

We are made up of countless facets, Not only large organs but also very small ones Which ensures the correct functioning of the entire organism. This has extraordinary value for life itself.

The part of the body that continues to live after death (

We always ask ourselves what happens after death, not only on a spiritual level, but also on a practical level. Does the body stop completely and immediately? Is there anything going on?

What remains after death

These are all legitimate questions and also very complex. If the heart stops at death All the other organs follow after that, and instead there is something that does not stop completely or at least does not stop immediately but continues its development.

What happens to the body after death (

It has to do with the microbes present An integral part of our organism that continues to live Even later. They have an essential role in life itself and once they reach the end point, they continue to survive independently. This is because everything that results from cellular decomposition that occurs immediately after death is actually a breeding ground for these organisms that can find food and thus survive for a long time.

They look specifically at the issue of evolution, Microbes have found ways to adapt over timeThis is why they have been able to live for so long. In some cases they can do this forever. The principle of adaptation is very special. It is clear that we are not talking about a viable organism, but about what survives from humans themselves or even animals, which are able to live with us and without us.

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It is strange to know that these will practically have the ability to survive for a very long time. In fact, before the body disintegrates over time, it takes practically a very long time in which case they are able to reproduce. Microbes in the body, for example in the intestines, also continue their development process. As the immune system fails, they are unable to take over.

Obviously, after the body dies, even if microbes and bacteria develop, it no longer matters, and there are no risks. but this Their strength and ability to adapt Instead, it highlights a different issue that is always valid and should be paid attention to: adaptability. This makes us understand how strong they are always, not just after death, and therefore it is also necessary to be careful to avoid having health problems.

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