Great adventure, PC versions on the way? Stolen Pictures Show –

Great adventure, PC versions on the way?  Stolen Pictures Show –

A few hours ago, some alleged people appeared on the net stolen photos subordinate PC versions From Sackboy: A great adventure and a comebackThis suggests that they will debut on Steam and the Epic Games Store in the near future.

Screenshots were posted on Reddit by EmpressOfSony a few minutes before State of Play begins in June 2022 and show screenshots of Drawing settings and commands Of the two ports, which we still remember were not officially presented.

As we know, in fact, during yesterday’s event, Sony didn’t announce anything about the PC versions of Retural and Sackboy: A Great Adventure, but instead offered Marvel’s Spider-Man and Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales versions, hence the images here The above can be faked well.

However, it must be said that the PC versions of Sackboy: A Great Adventure and Return were on Nvidia’s famous list of leaked games, many of which have been confirmed over time. Not only that, both games have been spotted in the Steam catalog, which is a sign that perhaps besides the smoke, there’s also some toasting and news of it might arrive during Sony’s next event or pre-show for Summer Game Fest. we will see.

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