Watch out for this brand – Libero Quotidiano

Watch out for this brand – Libero Quotidiano

two batches of rice crackers Giants of the Carrefour Bio brand have been pulled from supermarkets. The manufacturer’s withdrawal report came from the Ministry of Health. The reason for the summons? The possible existence of Mycotoxins. The product in question is sold in packages of 200 grams with batch numbers R22159A and R22160A and minimum storage conditions (Tmc) 09/06/2023 and 10/06/2023.

The rice cakes called up for GS Spa were produced by the Continental Bakery Company – Granco SA at 27 rue du Commerce in the Enghien factory, Belgium. As always as a precaution, the company recommends Do not consume Biscuits with the indicated batch numbers and minimum storage conditions and returned to the point of purchase, where they will be exchanged or, alternatively, refunded.

The manufacturer also states that health problems can arise only with the consumption of big quantities of products contaminated with mycotoxins. For more information, you can contact Carrefour customer service at the toll-free number 800 650650.

Here is the product recall notice

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