Among the richest families in the world there is an Italian family: it is the Queen of Ferrero sweets – the whole list

Among the richest families in the world there is an Italian family: it is the Queen of Ferrero sweets – the whole list

12-digit net worth in the hundreds of billions. Families that can boast of a wealth higher than that of most countries in the world. in the list he made bloombergfor the fourth year in a row, confirmed that the richest family in the world is WaltonThe heirs of the founder of the Wal-Mart chain of stores. It might make you smile, but inflation has hit them, too: In the 13 months they held the number one spot in the world rankings, the Waltons lost about $14 billion in net worth. All in all, the world’s 25 richest families are “poorer”, compared to 2021, by 143 billion – but they generally own more than $1.5 trillion in wealth. Despite all the difficulties this year, the first Italian family to appear on the list ranked 13th, gaining 11 places compared to the previous year. It’s about family Ferrerothe confectionery giant founded in Alba in 1946, has a net worth of 37 billion3 billion dollars more in one year.

Wal-Mart, Hermes, Mars: Top Positions

As we said, the first place in the order – by division – is the family Walton, with an estimated fortune of $224 billion. In their portfolio there is just no WalmartJust think, last year one of the heirs bought the Denver Broncos NFL team, another organized a great music event, and one has a museum. And after them 160 billion there are heirs Mars, a company of bars and sweets, but also of pet products, based in Virginia. “Only” with about 30 billion defaulters are the brothers Frederick, Charles, David and William Dela Coach IndustriesGenerous donors to the Republican Party. The company, inherited from his father, deals with energy production and oil refining, and is active in many other sectors, from chemicals to mining and livestock breeding. The fourth richest family in the world – the first from outside the United States – is a family Al Saud, the ruling dynasty of Saudi Arabia, which owes its fortunes to the extraction and processing of oil. Next she HermesHeirs of the historical founder a house French, including the current CEOs and artistic director of the fashion house. Scrolling down further, the group is in thirteenth place Ferrerothe only Italian on the list, to move up eleven places from 24th in 2021.

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full list

The arrangement excludes first-generation wealth and those controlled by a single heir. Groups whose source of wealth is too “diffused or opaque” to be assessed are also excluded.

  1. Walton, Wal-Mart $224 billion
  2. Mars and Mars $ 160 billion
  3. Coach, Coach Industries, $128.8 billion
  4. Al Saud oil 105 billion dollars
  5. Hermes, Hermes $94.6 billion
  6. Ambani, Reliance Industries, $84.6 billion
  7. Wertheimer, Chanel, $79 billion
  8. Cargill – Macmillan, Cargill, $65.2 billion
  9. Thomson, Thomson Reuters $53.9 billion
  10. Hoffman Urey, Roche $45.1 billion
  11. Albrecht, Aldi, $41.4 billion
  12. Johnson, Fidelity Investments, $40.2 billion
  13. Ferrero, Ferrero $37.1 billion
  14. Boehringer – Von Baumbach, Boehringer Ingelheim $36.6 billion
  15. Hartono, Darum Group, $36.3 billion
  16. Quandt, BMW $36 billion
  17. Pritzker, Hyatt Hotels, $34.6 billion
  18. Lauder, Estee Lauder $32.7 billion
  19. Duncan, Enterprise Products Partners, $30.1 billion
  20. Van Damme-De Spoelberch-De Mevius, Anheuser-Busch InBev $29.9 billion
  21. Kwok, Sun Hung Kai Properties $29.2 billion
  22. Dassault, Dassault Systems, $28.5 billion
  23. Cox, Cox Enterprises, $28.3 billion
  24. Mistry, Shapoorji Pallonji Group $27.4 billion
  25. Mills, Medline Industries $26.2 billion

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