Ilary Blasi, Weekends in St. Moritz with Bastien. Totti Noemi, first public brawl

Ilary Blasi, Weekends in St. Moritz with Bastien.  Totti Noemi, first public brawl

From Joan Cavalli

TV presenter in the snow with her daughter Isabel, her friend Michelle Hunziker and the German entrepreneur who will replace Francesco

Express postcard from St. Moritz. sender: Ilary Blasey. Greetings from the ex-husband Francesco Totti and Noemi Bocchi Struggling with troubles Moving to the north of Rome. Perfect mini vacation, programme presenter vacationFamous Islandwho has left for the elegant (and very luxurious) Swiss resort for the Immaculate Conception, is accompanied byBest friend of Michelle Hunziker And with little Isabelle, who learns to ski with a snow plow. And above all with Bastian, the decent blond German businessmantall and imposing as a Viking, is credited as her responsible new fiancé, who joins her from Frankfurt.

The Two have already been filmed in Zurichabout ten days ago, on the cover of “Chi”, whose final title was: «Goodbye TottiNow there’s Bastien.” Immortalizing kisses and hugs from the new couple. but after that Bold Bastian He disappeared from the horizon and some began to think that it was just a fleeting, albeit overwhelming, apparition. but not. Here they are again. As always, Ilary frequently posted glimpses and clips from her midweek ski vacation on Instagram. Starting with the fancy location, ie Colm Hotela five-star superior (translated, at least €1,200 per night, excluding extras), framing the suite’s soft bed – dominated by a suitcase Kelly from Hermes (Always from the collection that Francesco stole then Found in the villa spa at Euro). Then a series of different photos and clips: she (in a long black quilt) and Michele (in white) walking in the snow, the girl in overalls, boots and a helmet, Elary in black Armani ski total, lively proportions, two showgirls on a ski lift (Michel asks “Are you ready to handle the slopes.” “No” replied to Ilary sarcastically) Or next to George Rocaa former skating champion who has a skating academy there.

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Former Letterina does not put anything A picture of her and Bastian face to face. The site has done this Dagosby, who, attached to the pre-Christmas holiday report, posts a few shots, a little out of focus, however, Bastien is identified sitting at a table in an outdoor restaurant with Ilary (half hidden, you can see his very blonde hair) and Michel Hunziker , another girlfriend. According to the site Robert D’Agostino We’re talking about Salastrains, a must-go restaurant in St. Moritz, where Bastien ordered “kraut” Wrestle with sauerkrautJust to feel at home. In short, everything is going well and it looks like Ellary has let go of the breakup sorrows in a big way. While lawyers work out whether there is room to avoid court action and reach an agreement, thanks to Christmas making everyone better.

On the other hand, now complete the Moving from the previous home To the new building in Vigna Clara, the super penthouse and penthouse in the heart of northern Rome, Francesco Totti and Noemi Bocchiancient warrior from Dubai Walk And the from desert tripGet ready for December 25th with the extended family. But, at least according to the picture you posted Diva and the woman Which entitles him «the first quarrel», and in heaven some clouds. In the pictures, the Captain and his girlfriend appear to be having a lively discussion, sitting at a table Romanian restaurant. Insinuating, the blonde lady from Parioli wipes her eyes, as if she had cried a few tears and was afraid to spoil her makeup in public. But then the differences returned and peace returned.

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December 08, 2022

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