If you furnish your house like this you will be happier: psychologist’s word

If you furnish your house like this you will be happier: psychologist’s word
Tips to be happier – modaeimmagine.it

If you follow these tips on how to furnish your home, you will immediately notice an improvement in your mood.

There is no doubt that with Sciences We have been able to learn information that has helped us in our lives and continue to do so on a daily basis.

However, this also applies to some aspects that we never thought it could affect our emotions Or in our state of mind.

In fact, according to the latest research, even our home design too Decoration It has a huge impact on how we feel.

To be more precise, the way furniture and accessories are arranged inside the house It can increase our happiness. At this point the question arises: “Is there something we can do right away with our house to be happier?” Let’s find out together.

How to get happiness with decoration

First of all, the studies conducted show the need for Decorate with round objects. It seems trivial as something but it can greatly affect one’s happiness. In fact, the type of outline of an object, whether it is pointed, slanted or curved, has a decisive influence on people’s attitude towards that object. The Harvard study showed that humans tend to Inclination for curvesas they transmit heat, while sharp objects are often considered a threat.

Another thing that brings happiness is the color of your walls. It is recommended to paint at least one wall in green or yellow. A study conducted by the University of Amsterdam found that People often associate yellow or green with positive experiences Especially happiness. On the other hand, the least appreciated colors turned out to be black and white.

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Tips to be happier
Tips to be happier – modaeimmagine.it

Actions to change mood

Another study indicates that Customize your workspace. Not only does this make you happier, but it increases your productivity by more than 30%. So all the more reason to organize and decorate your workspace. Experts suggest adding some botanicals because they help people feel healthy.

Another determining factor in individual happiness has to do with flowers. Explore a group of researchers from Rutgers University The link between flowers and life satisfaction. The latter has been shown to make us happy, much more than people think. The study even showed that individuals were in more frequent contact with friends and family, as well as the real thing You feel less anxious.

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