June 9, 2023

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In Liguria, record numbers for tourism are also expected for the long weekend of 2 June. Totti: “Many bookings also from the United States”

After the sale recorded by Genoa and Riverasna over the spring long weekend, 80% hotel room occupancy was recorded on June 2nd. The upcoming long weekend will already reveal a forecast of what the summer will be like in Liguria in terms of attendance, aiming to surpass last year’s figures when, from June to September, our region recorded 8 million tourists.“.

So the chief of the Ligurian region, John TottiRegarding tourist flows in our region. The trend of bookings, in recent years, has seen an increase in those made in the days immediately preceding the period chosen for the holidays: a habit has emerged linked not only to checking the weather forecast, but also to the habit of planning trips below date during a pandemic.

For this month of May – adds the president- There are also many reservations from the United States, while the French, Germans and Swiss will return, as well as Italians from other regions. On the coast and inland, restaurants, trattorias and holiday farms are also setting records. Further confirmation that Ligurian cuisine is a real added value to our territory, along with the beauty of our region, from the sea to the mountains“.

After an appetizer for long weekends in the spring, another full weekend is expected on June 2nd and another in the summer, just like last year when we broke the attendance record in 2019, before the pandemic. – adds the Tourism and Major Events Consultant, Augusto SartoriBoth the coast and the hinterland are increasingly attractive to tourists, not only to the ‘classic’ tourists from neighboring regions but also to tourists from the rest of Italy, Europe and beyond. The goal for 2023 is seasonal adjustment, i.e. ensuring that the season continues beyond August. To achieve this, in addition to supporting operators with employment bonuses, we will make sure that most of the resources provided to Liguria by the Ministry of Tourism are used with the National Unified Tourism Fund for initiatives and events that take place not only in the summer months but also in other seasons because our region is beautiful and welcoming all year round.“.

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