Who is he and the case that reminds us of Navalny

Who is he and the case that reminds us of Navalny

A possible new case of poisoning shocks Russia, in which the antagonist is the protagonist Elvira Vikhareva. The 32-year-old Siberian woman accused of developing symptoms in the past months, and recently traces of a powerful oxidant were found in her blood.

Elvira Vikhareva poisoning the case

Elvira Vikhareva herself reported a possible case of poisoning. The woman would have been the victim of an attempt Potassium dichromate poisoning, a strong oxidant used in a wide number of industrial processes, from the tanning of leather to the production of cement or detergents, as a pigment in ceramics and glass, and as a laboratory reagent. There are many ways to come into contact with it, but according to doctors, the type of poisoning that afflicted the 32-year-old was due to Long-term exposure to heavy metal salts.

The woman had initially been accused of some symptoms as early as December, with abdominal pain, increased heart rate, numbness, seizures and fainting. Examinations conducted at the end of December, and published by the Suta Telegram channel in recent days, confirmed the presence of high concentrations of the toxic substance. It can cause cancer, infertility and genetic mutations.

Who is Elvira Vikhareva?

Originally from eastern Siberia, Vikhareva studied communications and then threw herself into the world of politics Opposition Liberal Jabloko Party. He worked closely with well-known opposition politician Dmitry Gudkov and also co-founded the Party for Change, now the Civic Initiative.

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In 2021, she ran for election to the State Duma, in the single-member Babushkinsky district of Moscow and was beaten by Timofej Bazhenov, the state party candidate and TV presenter, having collected only 2.5%.

In 2022, he attempted to run in the municipal elections in the Yakimanka district of Moscow, but his candidacy was canceled due to irregularities in the collection of signatures. Vikhareva is also the author of A Popular vlogger with over 52,800 subscribersthe.

The case that mentions the Navalny case

The story of Elvira Vikhareva’s heroism reminds only of the most famous case of the politician Alexey Navalnywho lost consciousness on August 20, 2020, shortly after the flight that was to take him from Tomsk to Moscow took off.

Even today, the case of poisoning caused by a nerve agent causes discussion and episodes of this kind are often repeated. Not only Vikhareva, with writer Dmitry Bykov who was hospitalized on April 17, 2019 due to an illness while traveling from Yekaterinburg to Ufa.

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