June 11, 2023

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Chiara Ferragni, expensive jewels and transparent breasts: the network does not like it

A new series of sensual shots of Claire Feragny Hence, a new controversy. There isn’t an influential post that doesn’t attract some gossip but the level of ugliness is commensurate with the amount of skin exposed. In her latest slideshow, Feragne grazes on jewelry but is attacked for her bare breasts.

How much do gems cost?

Chiara Ferragni in a transparent top and expensive Dior jewels
Gold and diamonds for Kiara

“Shine in Dior today”: Claire Feragny Lets followers know the brilliance of the jewels from the collection Dior jewel From the French fashion house. The font, which combines simplicity and elegance, impresses with its graphic lines and abstract shapes. But don’t be fooled by the simple design because these valuables cost a lot. 7100 euros for steel bracelet, 3,500 euros for the loop, 8400 euros For diamond earrings: with these accessories there is no doubt about the brilliance of Ferragni. She has pictures taken from different angles: a close-up, full-length, in profile, and there’s even a detail of her bejeweled hand.


Chiara Ferragni in a transparent top and expensive Dior jewels
Look at me

the accessories he wears Claire Feragny It catches the eye but it’s her dress, always signed Dior, to turn on social comments. For the sponsored post, the businessman chose flared jeans (980 euros)It is paired with a beige sleeveless blouse (690 euros) Linen blend. The knit piece is completely see-through and she wears it without a bra that fully shows her nipples. The haters weren’t long in coming. Kiara, please stop and save yourself. Tell me from one woman to another: What liberty do you claim by showing yourself like that? – But where is the need to show nipples to advertise a line of jewelry? There are also imitators of the famous stole that Chiara wore on stage in the San Remo Festivalwhich was followed by the words “Think Free”. Feel free not to always show yourself naked and be appreciated even in your clothescommented one follower.

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Someone is defending Kiara

Chiara Ferragni in a transparent top and expensive Dior jewels
In February in Paris

Among the lot of hate, there are also comments defending Claire Feragny. In fact, there are many women who agree with the freedom to display their bodies as they see fit. Since Instagram edited the nipple show, after a years-long battle with the hashtag #retweet Bounced everywhere, the influencer posted various contents without censorship, effectively conveying his social message. Whether or not her breasts are actually sticking out is not for us to pay attention, just as we do when we look at pictures of a man with a bare chest – but where would we end up if she was scandalized by nipples? – The most heinous insults of all to a woman, how sad – Men are horrified with two nipples: I would like to see your comments if he had a fourth braBelow, read Chiara’s post. Cover or display? In the gallery you will find all the pictures of the scandal.

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