“The scandal at Non è la Rai, the inconvenience I share with Brad Pitt and the Prince” – Corriere.it

“The scandal at Non è la Rai, the inconvenience I share with Brad Pitt and the Prince” – Corriere.it
from Candida morphillo

Announcer: At the time of Rai, I used to live in a basement. I’ve never been very good at asserting myself and getting paid

Enrica Bonacorti, How, Where, When and Why wrote to Domenico Modugno “Distance, you know, is like the wind. What makes those who do not love one another forget”?

“I was 19, I started with a sentence written at 14 in my diary. We were on a tour in Cuneo, and after the show, Mimo taught me how to write songs. He made me hear music and I remembered the phrases I wrote when I was forced to leave my first love: Dad He was a policeman, and from Sardinia, he was taken to Rome. Mimo got mad, jumped up, said: It will be a success, go on, write what you remember. Toto served in the army in Cuneo, as you did in Cuneo distance“.

to Mr. VolariBonacourti also wrote my land timebut she is not known as a lyricist, but as a TV presenter who made her mark between the eighties and the nineties, from evening italy
by Raiuno a It’s not my opinion

On the fledgling Fininvest. Three Telegatti, many covers, some texts in his youth, many radio shows, from Whoever rings the bell
1975 Silver Mask Award, and today is a television columnist and novel writer,condominium, bye!
He just came out for Baldini + Castoldi.

What happened to that first friend?

“I count him among the four greatest sweethearts, all love at first sight. I tend to forget about others rather than forgive them. Our life is like the life of trees: it gets better with pruning. The greatest love was the latter, Giacomo Palladino, who passed away in September, after 24 years together. The new novel was dedicated to him: his lightness, irony, elegance that accompanied me on every page, even if he eventually got there first. He read everything as I wrote it.”

How does he deal with loss?

“He pretends to be there: I talk to him all the time; I do the things he taught me, I’m meticulous and tidy. He was a good man.”

The other two love in the middle?

A jazz guy I lived with from 27 to 32 years and a Frenchman with whom I lived for three years.

Charles Bourbon of the Two Sicilies. To be with him, she left the TV.

“I’ve always called him Charles. But I basically quit TV because I’ve been on the air always for ten years and find my journey strange, from a press show likeevening italy
to light like It’s not my opinion. For two years I’ve been telling Maurizio Costanzo: I want to disconnect. Which is: You’re crazy, going back is hard. Mamma Mia, how was he right?

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Returned but as a guest.

“I made a superficial mistake, but in those three years I was on another planet, it was a pastel movie. It was a complete comprehension. But I always realized things later, and I realized success after I had it, and then I realized he was a real prince, and I realized after 60 km I was cute when I was young. I always arrive late.”

Why did he end up with the prince?

It started with the eviction note in hand. He told me right away that he couldn’t marry me. I laughed at him, and I said: Ok, what will it be? The family was not happy with me: I was an artist, he was 29, I was 42, I was divorced. I’ve always known this, but then it was like watching glass fly. My mother always said: The problem is that you are not ambitious. In fact, I never fought for things: it seemed to me that what was to come was too much ».

If you weren’t struggling, how did things happen?


In his latest novel, he wrote, “Opportunity lives in its light, chance is self-sufficient.” Why does he care?

“For me it is like the providence of God for believers. The theater I’ve always dreamed of comes by raising my hand like in school. I studied literature and philosophy, in the afternoon I crept into theaters to attend rehearsals. One day an actress gets hurt, I raise my hand: I can replace her. I wandered for two months, sleeping on two sheets of yellow spongy rubber, camping where it happened. In Tindare, the agent from Modugno saw me.

And he found himself on stage with him and with Paola Quatarini.

“Era A girl fell on my plate: I said three lines. Then it so happened that the second actress, Tamara Baroni, left two days before we arrived in Manzoni in Milan. She was embroiled in the scandal of the attempted murder of industrialist Pierluigi Bormioli’s wife, for which she would end up in prison and then be acquitted. His part was long: no one could learn it in two days. I raised my hand and said: I know her.

Does the TV also arrive by chance?

“I passed three exams to be the protagonist ofAmadeus Peter Schafer at the Argentina Theater. Unfortunately, I had to open my blouse and show my breasts. Desperate, I had surgery to reduce it. Six hours after the surgery, I woke up with a dead arm and a drooping tongue. I had to give up on Argentina. I was at home, and as Eduardo de Filippo said, who tells you it’s a disgrace? Call Rai: We know it’s not the season, we’d love to meet him. was for evening italyI invented the name. With Mino D’Amato and Piero Badaloni, we needed a pet. But before I start, Badaloni gives up and expands my decorative role.”

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How afraid were you of failure when you took the place of Raffaella Carrà in “Pronto chi PLAY”?

“I have arrived and Gianni Boncompany tells me: Don’t worry, everything will go well. He left me without directions. I lived in a basement, the bus passed over my head the night before I wondered how I got hit so I wouldn’t fly in the air. I go instead, and there was no text. I began to introduce the dancers one by one, I read the flower tickets that arrived at the studio. In the end, we fought Hello Rafaela?“.

Why did he live in a basement?

“I lived there as long as I was in Rai. I’ve never been very good at asserting myself and getting paid. For decades I didn’t have an agent or press officer. I have always worked in the spirit of the teacher I should have been. I never have important acquaintances, I do not go to salons, also because I do not recognize people: I share facial blindness with Brad Pitt. At a Fininvest event I was talking with a gentleman. I ask: What do you do now? Pat me on the shoulder: I’m always the boss of Fininvest. It was Fidel Confalonieri.”

At Fininvest, in the end, did you go out of the vault?

“I went straight from the basement to the villa. They gave me a stratosphere, they’ve been flirting with me for years. But because it so happened that Ray gave it to me, and he took it before he even started, Sunday 1987“.

Is it because she dared to announce on air that she was pregnant?

The CEOs knew I would say that. Newspapers talked about the private use of public service. While, today, on TV, ultrasound scans are also shown … The worst thing is that in the dressing room I felt bad, and then I lost my child ».

The movie “Less Ray” was accompanied by a furious controversy.

“They were talking about Lolite, but the real story is that for the first three months I was able to interview and interact with these little girls.”

Hence the nostalgia for the press.

“I left after a crossword puzzle: a competitor gave the answer before I even asked the question. I said: Give me a machine gun, it’s a scam. I don’t know how it came to me. And the executives scolded me for the reaction.”

Among the lovers, she did not put Renato Zero, about whom he said: «I still remember the shivers».

“Stay a friend. It was Renato Viaccini who became Zero, and I pretended to be his agent, put on a dangerous suit and went to sell his evenings in bars. Sometimes I’d wear black fringe sandals and do a show with it, making fake ads. We were twenty, and we shared a dream of a future that we would surely occupy, without thinking how, and what.”

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Dad in uniform, what education did you receive?

“Hazem. The first 13 years in the barracks. My father was a colonel, but my mother was a general. She was educated and graduated at twenty. My father died when I was 19 and she supported me in everything. Without her, I could not grow Verdiana. I married for Love, then I got pregnant and they kicked us out. We went to stay with my mother, and eleven months after giving birth, my husband lost sight.

Like: Do I go out to buy cigarettes?

“He pushed me as I was holding the baby, I told him: You’ll never touch me again. He left, our daughter didn’t have a birthday wish. But he went to his funeral.”

What was it like in ’68?

We occupied Lucretius Caro, commander Giuliano Ferrara, I was the only woman. They put us in a truck and beat us with batons. They took us to the barracks, the inspector said to me: Only you, the daughter of the colonel, I am amazed. I answered: I am very surprised, I broke the nasal septum of a friend of mine And he: Perhaps, inadvertently, you will collide with each other. Then, for three months, I wandered with “Gli Uccelli”, with Paolo Liguori, aka Straccio, with Diavolo, with Apache … Five Men and Me. I checked myself Then I carried the others.”

Where did you go?

From Carlo Levi or Giuseppe Angaretti. We said: Are you a girlfriend? So, you have to let us in. We set up camp. We also slept at the pool tables at the Fucecchio Communist Club.”

Did Ungaretti hit her leg, as he told “Me Too” in full?

«No, I once accompanied him with 500, it was a moment. He was 60 years older than me.”

Who is Francesco Maria von Timberger of the Marquis of Asfardis from “Condomino” and now “Condomino, Farewell!”?

“A character that I enjoyed telling. He is always looking for a place other than his palace, for his pre-determined identity. The resentment he’s going through is mine, too. And his sarcasm is mine: I’ll get easy mockery, but I hold back: people take offense. So, all the things I would like to say, I make him say.”

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