“Big Brother Phoebe” the story of the fifth episode

“Big Brother Phoebe” the story of the fifth episode

Alfonso Signorini opened the episode by talking about Marco Bellavia. He explains how Bellavia showed a psychological fragility that surprised everyone. The audience faced a stressed front while the contestants, says Alfonso, had a shocking behavior showing indifference to the pain that leaves the dreads and which in no way will pass without consequences. Signorini says it was his fault and that of the productions, who didn’t understand Bellavia’s annoyance during auditions. Signorini expects that very strict action will be taken towards competitors.

Then he calls home and begins tracing the history of what happened. Signorini says this was “a horrible TV page and we must apologize”. And Bellavia’s last confession appears, when he says in tears that he wants to leave because the program creates for him “monsters, anguish.” Signorini tells the contestants that their indifference only exacerbated Marko’s problems and this has outraged millions of people who follow the show.

The full story of Marco’s approach to Pamela and how others reacted was resumed. From Ciacci who said he didn’t believe their story, to Lamborghini who wished Pamela didn’t feel anything for someone like him. Marco’s last episode was very heavy. Until the appeal is triggered where he publicly asks others to lend a helping hand to him, and receives total closure in return. Friday night was exciting for Belavia. Heavy comments are shown to rivals who isolate him, especially Ciacci and Ginevra, while Charlie and especially Antonella try to make sense of him. Until the decision to leave. Just being out makes someone open their eyes, like the partially self-critical Jennifera.

Back Live Signorini says that gestures do more harm than words. As certain situations Ciacci and Signorini tell him frankly. Ciacci tries to defend himself by saying he didn’t understand, and Signorini immediately stops him and urges him to stop saying “nonsense”. Then he goes to Geneva, where Signorini charges her with a horrific punishment, “Someone like this deserves to be bullied.” Antonella says she immediately understood that something was wrong. Charlie claims that he does not want to be a hero and remembers that Marco is a friend of his and would like to go home. On the other hand, Sarah explained that she confronted Belavia and tried to be close to him but also understood that she couldn’t do much.

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extreme action

Signorini talks about his disqualification but before delivering the referee connects him to the house and Romita wants to say some things. He remembers mentioning Bellavia precisely because he saw him in trouble and was convinced it was good for him to go home. Romita also tries to justify the sequence shown where he and Jiachi, seeing him on the floor crying, pretend that nothing happened. Sonia Bruganelli emphasizes how older brother Vip, unfortunately, at this juncture, has revealed himself as a fact, or a cross-section of reality. And as in reality, there were those who pulled out and there were “assholes”. Instead, Orita Berti points out the danger of people’s indifference to the pain of others. Both indicate that it was the younger ones who approached Belavia.

Geneva at the Priestly Conference

Signorini invites Jennifera Lamborghini to the confessional. He repeats that he said something unimaginable. Ginevra tries to defend herself by explaining that Marco has “conquered even a physical space”. In retrospect, he says he understood this reaction and feels ashamed. Signorini accepts the apology but at the same time tells her that it is not enough and tells her that Big Brother Vip has decided to exclude her. Lamborghini returns to the show, tells the others what happened and bursts into desperate tears. “I was wrong, I’m raunchy” he repeats constantly, “I’m not a bad person.”

One additional condition

– That against the Lamborghini Ginevra is not the only measure. But Signorini first turns to Gegia who, during the black ad, got stuck with someone “we had to keep and hear the bullshit he was saying”. Gigia recounts an incident that Bellavia did not allow her to sleep at night because she jumped on the bed in the midst of “illusions of omnipotence”. Antonella describes her as an insensitive person: “When you see someone who is sick, you say ‘You’re not okay, get out of here’?”. Sarah Manfuso then takes the floor to complain about the criticism Bruganelli has received, and a fight ensues between them.

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Pamela Prati in Mestre

– We start with Pamela, whom Signorini wants to ask why Marco established an initial feeling with her. She says she feels pain, she feels bad. And that something beautiful was being born between them and that others stood in their way. She showed her pictures of their relationship.

New comparison

– Signorini summons Ciacci, Patrizia, Elenoire and Gegia to Superled. He explained to them that hours and hours of footage had been analyzed and in recent days there had been comments on the air that could not be accepted. He told them that the phrases were not uttered as dangerously as those in Geneva, but were nonetheless heavy, and aroused the indignation of thousands of people. That’s why Big Brother decided that they had gone too far with their behavior. And so the audience will decide which of the four should come out with Flash TV.

Geneva in the studio

– Signorini allows in Ginevra, which is still shaky. She cries and can’t even speak. Alfonso tries to reassure her by telling her that even if she is wrong, no one can and should put her on the cross. Even Berti and Bruganelli try to console her by making it clear that over time she will be able to recover.

TV result

– Before announcing the result of the telecast, Alfonso asks the four for their opinion and they all tend to try to defend themselves, invoking good faith and remembering when they approached Marco anyway. Signorini reads the verdict: The one who must leave is Giovanni Ciacci. The desperate Jijia invites everyone to applaud him because “these fifteen days have been wonderful.”

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Luca’s lessons in culture

– We try to soften the situation a little by talking about Luca and his lessons in coercive culture.

Edward from flower in flower

– We then turn to Edoardo’s desire for victory. The boy always seems to be looking for conquests, whether they are men or women. Massages, kisses, touches… Nothing is denied with anyone. Signorini renames it “Big Brother House Octopus”. With Antonella in the past few days the agreement has been strengthened but the girl points out that although she “likes his character” there are other aspects that do not convince her, because she is very jealous.

Jiel’s marriage

– Jyali’s marriage, which she herself presented as “free,” sparked much discussion among Vippos at home. The most brutal of them is Carolina, who accuses her of making her husband suffer for her own good. When questioning Amores, he quotes a saying from Cuba that everyone does what they want.

Seaki in the studio

His entry into Ciacci’s studio confirms that he did not notice anything. He even went so far as to say that Marco thought it was an item introduced by production with the role of a jammer. He then said he was sorry he got out so early although he says that since August 3, when his statement about him being HIV-positive was revealed, his life has changed.

Charlie and Sarah protests – Gnocchi asks to speak and says that what happened in his opinion was the fault of the older brother and that some of them, in his opinion, were treated very badly, starting with Patrizia. But Alfonso rejects the accusations. Instead, Manfuso returns to the criticism that Bruganelli has received and asks if she can see her husband, whom she misses so much.

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