“I was with a woman. I saw things…”

“I was with a woman. I saw things…”

Eva Riccobono in Belvi She recalled a strange incident from her life when she was a model: “I was in New York with a friend of mine who told me he had to go to a party. I asked him to go but he told me it was an LGBT-only party at a certain club, and they didn’t allow women to go. In. We had the idea of ​​dressing up as transgender, I went to this place and saw things that, out of a movie, you, humans, could never imagine. What I saw? They felt more comfortable making out on the couches. I conclude with the shock of the evening: I went to the bathroom and two boys tried to do it, and at a certain point I started screaming in fear “I got potatoes!” And because I was scared, I was about to show it too.”

Eva Riccobono’s private life and history with a woman

By Francesca Fagnani Eva Riccobono revealed that she did A relationship with a woman: “There was this very beautiful girl, a fashion model. She looked more feminine than me. I am a pioneer of experiments. I like to try. I tell myself I will try, and then whether I like it or not…” “I tried, it was fun and nice, but I prefer… I like women in a way, but maybe… I wasn’t in love.”. Riccobono has been associated with deejaying since 2004 Matteo Ciccarini, Who got it from me Children Leo and LiviaToday, they are 9 and 3 years old, respectively.

Eva Riccobono to Belfi: Drugs and her modeling career

Regarding the topic of drugs, Eva Riccobono stated: “I loved joints. I tried cocaine and ecstasy but I’m more than that One glass of wine and a joint. “Cocaine brings out the worst in you.”. Regarding her past as a model, the Sicilian admitted that she stopped because “I’m not very ambitious. Highest salary of my career? 150,000 euros for the campaign.”

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