Highway symbol, now you can drive a car even without a license | Revolutionary news

Highway symbol, now you can drive a car even without a license |  Revolutionary news
No more driver’s license

Something new is about to arrive that will completely revolutionize our driving habits, starting with documents: driving without a license.

One of the most annoying events while driving is receiving a message fineEspecially if this happened not because of a serious mistake, and therefore we know we deserve it, but because of a simple mistake Censorship However, according to the Highway Code, it is subject to a fine. Quite plausible, given the scale of the offence, but no less troubling.

We’re talking about Driving License, the document that proves our ability to drive a certain type of vehicle – and when we talk about “licence”, we mean all types of licences. Everyone knows this You must carry this card with you while driving So you can show it in case of censorship by the police.

If you fail to provide your driver’s license, you may be subject to one The fine ranges from €41 to €168. The news circulating on the Internet relates specifically to this last aspect we discussed: No more risk of a fine without having your license with you. Is something like this really possible?

The government itself is pushing for a change in the management of the guidance document, which is what it wants Simplify and speed up bureaucracy. As for how to do it, above they are aiming for one a tool Which has spread in Italy recently and has shown all its usefulness.

Digitization and IO applications

The pandemic we left behind not long ago will not be forgotten soon, although the risks of Covid have been greatly reduced thanks to vaccines and mutations of the virus itself. During the epidemic, it was usedAyo appWhere we can keep ours Green pass For comfortable use.

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Now the government is considering relying on I/O also for other types of digital documents, e.g Health card, electoral card and even driving license. If this proposal becomes a reality, we could cram our daily papers onto our phones.

Digital driving license directly on your phone

Zero risks with a digital driver’s license

Fines for not having a driver’s license occur less out of malice and more out of malice distraction; Converting your driving documents into digital format and storing them in your input/output system will undoubtedly help reduce the risk of forgetting your license and receiving a fine. This risk will not be eliminated, as we can forget both our physical and digital driver’s license, but we are more likely to forget our wallet than our cell phone.

Converting your driver’s license – and other documents – into a digital version is certainly a good idea An excellent step forward in everyday bureaucratic administration. We use the phone for everything, so why not apply it to truly useful processes that allow us to reduce risks and save money? Amidst so much chaos and fear, finally some good news.

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