“I was sitting on the toilet,” a snake finds itself in the most unimaginable place ..

“I was sitting on the toilet,” a snake finds itself in the most unimaginable place ..

A man has posted photos and videos of finding a snake in the bathroom, just as it was sitting on the toilet: moments of sheer panic.

Snake on the shower stall (video capture) – Ecoo.it

What would you do if you found yourself in the shower, just like you Sitting on the toileta Serpent From 190 cm to about 10 kg of weight,”hang out” in the shower stall? There is no need to hide that such a moment is a cause of great consternation for the inhabitant Queensland This was exactly the case, despite a good knowledge of the procedure to be followed in such cases. Or resort to the so-called Reptile hunterswho are always ready to jump into action.

The amazement of the man who finds himself a snake in the bathroom

The snake in the bathroom is scary (video capture) – Ecoo.it

This is not the first time this has happened, and a few weeks ago it happened to someone who saw the crawler appear Straight from the toilet in her bathroom. We can even say that in this case everything went well, because while in the above example the snake reached three and a half, in this last episode that we are telling you it did not reach two metres.

On the spot, to give support to the man who has been stunned by the snake in one of his most intimate moments, the usual reptile hunter, who in this case responds to the name of Anthony Jackson, part of the Hudson Snake Catching Team. “Man, you scared the filth out of me,” said the man when the reptile-catcher stood in front of him. Serpent He walked quietly Between the shower frame and some shampoo bottles on the shelf.

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Jackson, who was a wildlife photographer before joining the reptile hunters about a year ago, arrived on the scene in very few minutes, although it seems that this type of intervention is not used. When he saw the frightened man, at first he had a fit of laughter, but then he realized that it was really time to intervene. Basically, the reptile hunter was a beginner and that also meant taking a little risk.

In fact, it looks like he put one in there a handful of secondsabout thirty years Get off the snake from the shower cabinbut then they took a risk stings from reptiles. Once caught, it was the nearly two-meter-long snake Liberation. According to the reptile hunter, he may have arrived at the apartment while trimming trees in the area, and may be looking for a safe haven.

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