Andorra contributes to the Solidarity for Ukraine event promoted by the Council of Europe

Andorra contributes to the Solidarity for Ukraine event promoted by the Council of Europe

Andorra participates financially In the initiative promoted by the non-profit association, support work ukraine, To achieve From the solidarity party And implementing humanitarian projects for the benefit of civilian victims of the conflict in Ukraine. Thus, based on the proposal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, contributions are made From 5000 euros With a project that meets the criteria specified in the Master Plan for International Development Cooperation.

The ceremony, well done Greetings for peace and steadfastness, I applaud Lost childhood and Ukrainian artists Who lost their lives during the war. The solidarity event will bring together 120 young musicians from dozens of countries.

Profits from tickets sold and donations received will be distributed to benefit two humanitarian projects it promotes Labor Support Association Ukraine: Funding a mobile operating room designed to operate in areas where health facilities have been destroyed by war and funding psychological rehabilitation work for Ukrainian children traumatized by the war.

The global initiative is being promoted as part of the celebration On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the founding of the Council of Europe Through the Secretary General of the Organization, who decided to sponsor a solidarity concert in favor of Ukraine, which will take place on March 28 at the Palau de Música i de Congresos in Strasbourg. Specifically, they are being celebrated this year as well 30 years have passed since Andorra joined this body.

Since the beginning of the conflict between the Russian Federation and Ukraine, just over two years ago, Andorra has expressed its support for Ukraine It joined European and international commitments in favor of unity and solidarity.

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