American Car Strike: Stellantis will not go to the Ces Show in Las Vegas

Dissidence is among those that weigh heavily. Stellantis has just announced this in an official note It will not be present at CES 2024. In fact, the Netherlands-based group, which owns the former FCA and PSA brands, will skip the world’s largest technology exhibition, scheduled to be held next January in Las Vegas, Nevada. At the source of the decision there will be Strikes Which in the USA includes Stellantis, as well as Ford and General Motors. At this moment it is gigantic the cars He’s actually dealing with extensive union negotiations that pit him against Uaw, theInternational Union, United Auto, Aerospace and Agricultural Workers of America. Among the most influential American unions, which has nearly 400 thousand members not only in the United States, but also in Puerto Rico and Canada.

Expensive strikes

Stellantis management chose not to attend the trade showhigh tech The City of Las Vegas will be part of a contingency plan implemented since the beginning of the Uaw strike to mitigate the financial impacts and preserve capital. This is precisely because the costs resulting from the ongoing strikes against Stellantis continue to rise.

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