Tecnos School launches its anthem in Sant Jordi

Tecnos School launches its anthem in Sant Jordi

Tecnos School in Terrassa opened its doors on Tuesday The original dominated We are Technos, coinciding with the celebration of Saint Jordi's DayIt is a unique piece of music that reflects the spirit and values ​​of its educational community. the anthem, Based on the song like From the musical BRUNA by WeColorMusicwritten and recorded in an interactive workshop with fourth grade students.

Promoted by music teachers Mercy Puig and Encarna Mora, this project began with a composition workshop led by WeColorMusic's Mar Puig and Mateo Peramiquil, where students were able to experience the compositional process of song lyrics from the inside.

At the end of the workshop, the students would do research work and talk to teachers and students from other courses as well as former teachers and former students, in order to find out how they felt about the school and thus be able to write a thesis for the anthem that represented the entire educational community.

50 children signed up at the Nova Jazz Cava room in Terrassa

After this task, Matteo and Mar from WeColorMusic returned to school to share ideas and finish writing the lyrics together. the The result of these training coursesThe dance was the anthem ready to be recorded.

Registered in Nova Jazz Cava de Terrassa rooma fully equipped space large enough for 50 fourth-graders to sing at the top of their lungs the song they wrote themselves.

The end result is an inspiring piece that embodies the spirit and energy of the Technos Education community.

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