Rainwater tanks and preserved flowers

Preparations are underway for the 69th edition of Girona, Temps de Flors Confronting drought with a range of measures Aiming to preserve the beauty of flowers and the environment.

It became the show One of the most prominent tourist attractions in the cityWhich turns into a display of flowers and colours.

This event will be held From 11 to 19 May, coinciding with the moment of displaying flowers in all their splendor. But this year, the organizers had to adapt to the current climate context, and organized a “Time of Flowers”. In case of drought.

Deputy Mayor and Economic Promotion Advisor to the Girona City Council, Gemma Geis, confirmed during the presentation of the event that this year's edition will be “much more sustainable”.

View the 69th edition of Girona, Temps de Flors Marina López (ACN/Marina López)

How will you deal with dehydration?

Due to the climatic situation, a whole series of measures against drought were implemented: flowers and plants were selected on the basis of those that They require less water to maintain. They have their priorities set Local species and plants are adapted to dry climatesIn this way the demand for water decreased significantly.

Likewise, space and visibility were provided for Dried and preserved flowersA durable, low-maintenance alternative.

in other hand, It will not be watered during the flower show daysBut watering will be done once on the day of collection to prepare the flowers and plants, with water coming from the rain that is collected in the tanks.

In addition, it will be made available to exhibitors A special floral sponge ensures the necessary moisture For the flower that must be preserved during each day of the exhibition.

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Beyond the Center: Neighborhoods

With the aim of expanding the celebration across the city this year There will be new spaces in neighborhoods that are not part of the center.

This year, it's flower time Sixteen alive: Bari Vile, Can Guibert del Bla, Carme-Vista Alegre, Devesa-Guell, Eixample, Mas Ramada, Mercadal, Montilivi, Palau-Sacosta, Pedreres-Fora Muralla, Pla de Palau-Sant Pau, Santa Eugenia, Sant Narcissus, Tayala . Torre Gironella and Val di Saint Daniel.

One watering will be done on the day of collection to prepare the flowers and plants (ACN/Xavier Pi)

In the same context, this year you will be able to see the floral project for the Arab Baths through 360-degree images that will be published on the Temps de Flors website. This is a pilot test, and if it gives good results, it will be conducted next year in larger areas.

Changes in schedules

Regarding timelines, compared to last year, The exhibition will open half an hour earlier, at 9:30 a.m., and close one hour earlier, at 9 p.m.. This schedule will be extended until midnight on Saturday and Wednesday, May 15, the special Night Flowers Day. These changes were made to adapt to the visiting habits observed in more recent specimens.

Please note that on the final Sunday, May 19, the dismantling of some outdoor spaces will begin as of 7 p.m.

Greater accessibility and fewer crowds

To avoid crowding and control access, entry and exit points for visiting the center and the old quarter will be maintained. This year there will be twelve: Six in and six out. One more of each To facilitate access and reduce congestion on Carrer de les Ballesteries.

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There will also be two accessible circuits designed for people with limited mobility, one suitable for wheelchairs and one for motorized chairs only.

Last year it received Temps de Flors More than 360,000 visitors and an impact of €10.5 million.

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