The absence of Arisa and the news of March 11

The absence of Arisa and the news of March 11

Arissa I traveled to China for work commitments, that’s why Eva Zanishi He took his place on Friday, March 11th masked singer, prime time on Rai Uno. Mili Carlucci and her judges revealed another significant figure, and Caterina Pallivo will do something never before seen in the Italian version of the game show.

Arisa is absent, because Eva Zanishi will take her place

The talent game show hosted by Millie CarlucciAnd the masked singer. After the success of the previous episodes, the search for VIPs continues under the mask, especially the mysterious Soleluna, who, according to the judges, hides behind, according to the judges, Cristiano Malgoglio or Massimo Lopez.

But the real surprise of this episode is the dramatic absence of Arissa. The singer is already in Beijing, as she tells in her Instagram stories, to sing on Sunday at the ceremony of handing over the wand for the Winter Olympics from China to Italy. Indeed, in 2026, it will be up to Milan and Cortina d’Ampezzo to host the event, with the national anthem (until dawn) played by Arisa.

So, in his place, we see beyond the jury’s table Eva Zanishi. Veteran singer San Remo 2022, had already replaced Francesco Facchinetti when the conductor tested positive for Covid. The champagne artist will certainly entertain the audience without missing out on Arisa.

What happened in the March 11 episode of Il Cantante Mascherato

We have already witnessed the elimination of the penguin, or rather the one who was hiding in this mask: Edoardo Vianello. In fact, the singer decided to leave the program, but Milly already has an alternative to the mask that the audience likes. Tonight there will be duets: the contestants will sing with Eduardo Vianello himself, Francesco Faccinetti, Eva Zaniecki and Donatella Ritori.

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In the race there are still the fox, the snail, the chameleon, the penguin, the goldfish, the Medusa, the Maremma Shepherd, the Solillona and the dragon. But one of them will be leaving the race tonight, hiding his true identity. who will be?

In the meantime, we witnessed the playoff between Drago (to many Simone Di Pasquale) and Maremmano Shepherd, which the judges decided to be Riccardo Fogli. The revelation did not disappoint expectations, and in fact, the former Pooh was hidden under the cute mask, which the jury discovered immediately. The judges are very aggressive, especially Katrina Palivo who decided to make a big surprise.

This is the “gold mask: During the play-off, Katrina Balifo had one chance more than the other judges in the game show. After the authors had already guessed who was behind the penguin and eagle masks, the authors rewarded him. If Catherine guessed the identity of one of the characters in the play-off, it would not be kept, The costume will instantly reveal her true identity.But if Catherine makes a mistake, the mask will automatically qualify for the next episode.

In addition to Balivo and new entrance Iva Zanicchi, there is as always Francesco Facchinetti, who became a bit of a concern because he was never able to guess the mysterious character, and Flavio Insinna, who did without his muse Arisa.

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