“I said no”, fans shed tears

“I said no”, fans shed tears

Matchmaker Alicia Camarota tells herself on her Instagram stories but some of the phrases cause fans to worry.

Alicia Camarota has not once but twice been on the Maria de Felipe Show as a matchmaker. During her first try, she was a favorite of the public and tried to outsmart Francesco Monti, who was put on the throne after being rejected by Teresana Pugliese. Francesco, who seemed to be close to Alicia’s choice, changed course when Teresana decided to go down and court him. The passion for Neapolitan never faded, and even Alicia realized that it would not be his choice. Then I went down the stairs for a blind date and on the throne was Aldo, a handsome Sicilian who immediately noticed the Neapolitan beautician.

Alicia Camarota worries the fans. This is what happened to Aldo’s wife

The path with Aldo was by no means easy. In fact, the woman risked receiving a new disappointment. It was at the end of the trip when a report came out that she was engaged in the first months she was courting Aldo. In the end, the Sicilians decided to trust her and they began to build a future together. While she was waiting for her first child, Niccol married, but the birth upset the couple’s equilibrium a bit and Aldo left Alicia for another woman. Camarotta, returning from Maria de Filippi, continued to say that Aldo, in spite of everything, was his half. He wasn’t wrong because in the end the two were no longer together and they also announced Leonardo’s arrival.

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Alicia announced in the question box that she’s feeling calm but she’s definitely going to be a lot more than that in September. Fans fascinated by her words ask the woman what happened. Alicia at the moment does not want to talk about it, but she assures everyone that she is fine. In the past, a woman lost her third child after the gender of the newborn was announced on social media. Some believe that Alicia is pregnant again and that she is waiting for everything to go smoothly before it is announced. However, the woman previously stated that the pain she experienced was so excruciating that she would not seek a new pregnancy. At the moment he enjoys some relaxation. Aldo and Alicia are on vacation and decide to stop and enjoy their kids.

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