May 28, 2023

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Wild Moose, Fedez on the disappearance of Luis Sal: “I’ll make everything clear, I’ve come to the end point” – video

“Now I have some work commitments to make next week and I want to focus on that. Later I will give explanations, because this is correct, and I understand the behavior towards the listeners Wild Moose He was not among the best.” These are the words of Fedez, live on Instagram, in which he tells fans about the absence of his historic colleague Luis Salle from co-hosting the podcast. Wild Moosewas replaced on the final episode of the podcast by content maker Mr. Mara. The relationship between the rapper and his colleague was going to crack for quite some time. Also a constant presence in Ferragnez’s private life, Louis Salle suddenly disappeared. Fedez seems to want to clarify the situation, but he specifies: «I can’t talk about it, it’s not my intention. I’m at a turning point and I would have talked about it sooner, so I would have avoided this whole scenario.” Rapper Milanese continues: “The goal is to try to give explanations in the most transparent way. If a solution is not found, I will explain. I understand that behavior towards the public moss It wasn’t better. If a solution is not found, I will give an explanation with all the calmness in the world.

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