Good stuff on De Martino and Rkomi

Good stuff on De Martino and Rkomi

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The actor and his wife are guests in Che Tempo Che Fa back to the case of jealousy and that of the likes of Stefano Di Martino

Interview between serious and fancy a what’s the weather likeThe supporters Cristina Marino and Luca Argentero. the topic: Jealous. The couple, telling each other a Fabio Fazio, Some interesting good things have been revealed, also going back to a fact that the actor has already revealed, that is, the likes his wife has put on photos of Stephen DiMartino. Another small jealousy of the translator Doc – Nelle tue Mani has been added recently, as Christina expresses her compliments to the young singer DigitalThey met on the set of Celebrity Hunt.

In the Instagram generation, if I like a woman, even a colleague, that’s a problem. If she likes Stefano Di Martino, that’s not a problemLuca confirmed, smacking of laughter in the studio. Christina began to smile, prompting a second outburst from her husband: “I don’t give up on these things. She told me she loves it because it’s a pretty picture. But how greasy and shirtless everything is. It’s not a pretty picture, he’s a handsome guy.”. More laughter.

He’s playing the part to tell us he’s beautiful and I know he’s a great guy.”Marino is a firefighter. Fazio, who had no idea the question was asked Like it – Stefano Di MartinoThen bring the conversation to my number. “Sorry, I didn’t know you were going to talk about De Martino, but I also heard that Marina, on Rkomi … “the host tiptoes CTC extension.

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Marino confirmed that she found the singer very interesting: “He looks a bit like a loser from the class, but he’s actually cute and interesting, then objectively he’s handsome, he disguises himself as ..”. “No, he undresses.”Argentero interrupted him, scrutinizing the artist’s topless portrait. He laughed again in the studio. “Okay, let’s move on,” Fazio went straight.

At the end of the interview, Luciana Letizito reveals herself in the studio. Turin comedian tried to extract very juicy information about Download Marino (Luca and Cristina are waiting for the second fruit of love), and bluntly ask her if she would like to reveal the sex of the child she is carrying. Mission failed: The couple laughed, but kept their mouths shut.

When Argentero talked about his wife’s admiration for Stefano Di Martino

related question Like “The Dancers,” which Christina wrote for De Martino It was first revealed by Argentero himself during his guest appearance on Da Grande, a program broadcast on Rai Uno in 2021. The show was led by Alessandro Cattelan. And it was the former face of The X Factor who asked the actor to take credit for the social issue.

“I ask her: Love, do you know him? Why do you love him? He replies: “Because he has a well-groomed profile.” This is the thing that really bothers me. But what does it mean that he has a well-groomed profile?. Argentero said, About the “likes” booked by Marino Belen Rodriguez’s husband. “Stefano is a serious and intelligent boy. So Stefano stopped them!”, Finally Luca commented, always half joking and half joking.

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