Biagio’s son tells how his father reacted to his homosexuality

Biagio’s son tells how his father reacted to his homosexuality

Biagio di Maro It is one of the Champions Trono Over from men and women, the historical dating show of Channel 5 made by Maria de Filippi.

And this week, an interview with his son was published in the official radio magazine Giuliano Who thus told some stories about their family life and about his father.

In particular, son Biagio He said he’s excited for her Participation in the program. At first he and his two brothers, Nunzia NS SamuelThey were skeptical of the news, thinking it was a joke. Little by little, they got used to the idea.

GiulianoHe, in particular, was careful to deny the image of a closed and old man that his father could give him, on the contrary, in fact, he defined him as a very modern father who always supported the choices of his sons.

Giuliano In fact, he talked about living with his partner for eight years Biagio He immediately accepted this relationship, as well as his homosexuality, without any hesitation, and is already glad to know that he is in love and calm.

despite of Giuliano You have been living in London for a few years now, he never fails to follow his father men and women. At times he was offended by the judgments and appellations which they gave him, of the peasant and the false. But most of all he suffered when he read that, according to some, his father could not deal with women. According to him, he and his brothers were brought up on strong ideals. But above all with a great sense of respect towards the fairer sex.

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The loss of his mother – and the knight’s wife – was a bolt from heaven. BiagioAccording to his son, he could not continue after the bereavement. Everything about her was missing at home, and that’s also why the track a men and women This was the right way to look forward.

according to Giuliano The ideal woman for her father should be a combination of the two Gemma Galgani NS Isabella Richie. Stylish and professional at the same time. In addition, you should maintain a fair amount of “crazy” like Angela Pawnee. Ibn Faris Trono Over He said he was sure that one day, even his father, would be able to find the perfect partner, who at first seemed framed in Sarah Zelle. However, over time, he wasn’t even convinced by how she felt, which was probably just a very “physical and emotional” feeling.

In the end, Giuliano He wished his father to find his happiness as soon as possible to assure him that, whatever he chose, his children would always be ready to support him.

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