NACEX, Committed to Health

NACEX, Committed to Health

NACEX are experts in healthcare distribution, what do you see as the main logistical challenges posed by this sector?

Healthcare distribution continually poses new challenges for logistics providers. Due to the nature of the products it distributes and the requirements of the sector, it aims to provide added value to the service provided to its customers.

Temperature sensitive drugs, clinical trial drugs, operating room medical devices, home delivery drugs, etc. They are products that require strict temperature maintenance throughout the distribution process and specialized delivery to unusual and difficult-to-reach points.

How does NACEX deal with them? What distinguishes you from your competitors?

Our ability to guarantee expedited delivery dates is a key differentiator, but without a doubt our greatest competitive advantage is our commitment to investing in technological advancement and information systems development. Allowing the optimization and control of processes and obtaining maximum shipment information for our customers. Being a good partner offering expertise and collaboration is another important factor. We conduct ongoing training and participate in forums that allow us to learn from the industry to make new improvements.

How did they manage to ensure the temperature was maintained?

We apply the latest technologies and methods available in our network. Vehicles and facilities are air conditioned to ensure the required temperature is maintained depending on the service. In addition, for very sensitive products with stringent temperature requirements, we have passive methods, with reusable isothermal containers between 2 and 8°C and between 15 and 25°C.

All this is done based on the quality system in accordance with good distribution practices required in the pharmaceutical sector.

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Returning to the topic of specialization, what feedback does NACEXpharma receive?

We are very satisfied, and the feedback is very positive. NACEXpharma is a strategic pillar of our commitment to the health sector. With this premium service, we wanted to respond to the needs of customers who need to maintain an outstanding delivery service and ensure strict temperature compliance and we have succeeded in doing so. The numbers back us up, as in 2023 this service saw 8% growth compared to the previous year.

naturally, Nasex We are not satisfied and this year we will continue working to continue moving forward in this sector. Additionally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank our team, whose cooperation and commitment have been crucial. Especially to our customers, for their trust and commitment to our company.

Finally, what are the next steps?

Related news

One of the most important things will be continuing to expand the health sector. Along these lines, in 2024, we will introduce new specialized services A Nasix PharmaWe hope to provide you with news soon.

As always, we will continue to prioritize our attendance at health sector-related events, allowing us to continue learning and sharing news. This year we were at Expodental, an exhibition of which we were the main sponsors, and in a few days we will be at ExpoÓptica, which takes place in Madrid, and Logipharma, in Lyon.

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