October 5, 2022

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Pietro Diomede and a tweet about the murder of Carol Maltese: Zelig excludes the comedian from the shows

He thought he would black comedyInstead, it only evoked a feeling of general disgust. Pietro Diomede, known for his participation in many TV shows, on Twitter thought carefully about the “irony” of the death of Carol Maltesi26 years old Killed and torn to pieces At his home in Milan with his neighbor David Fontana. A very low-profile release, which led to several Twitter users reporting the tweet and asking Zelig to remove the actor from the shows. A few hours later, the show’s organizers announced the exclusion of Diomede from the comedians who will be part of the upcoming shows: “We received reports after a tweet from an artist who was supposed to perform at Zelig on April 12. We completely distance ourselves from that Tweet that we don’t fully agree with. Consequently, the artist was excluded from the Zellige programming.” The comedian also joins the chorus of Alessandro Gassman’s criticism: “I think you are exactly the lowest and most disgusting step of the human race. Be ashamed and apologize to the victim’s family.

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