À Bets on digital content

À Bets on digital content

À Punt continues to bet on innovation in digital content and expands the offer by producing new podcasts and the new season of Squadtargets a digital-native audience through videos and tablets in dynamic and entertainment formats.

And along these lines, the platform On the Punt Podcast to publish Friday 29th The first chapter of Borja, from Valencia to the Vatican. A tale of two popes Which tells the story of the first non-Italian popes in the history of the Vatican: Calixtus III I Alexander VI, his uncle and his nephew. One Documentary series Six chapters reconstruct the history of the Valencian popes through dramatic audio representations Nacho Fresinda (Ministry of Time), Enrique Arce (Stealing money) I Paola Osero (love forever). Borja, from Valencia to the Vatican. A tale of two popes A new chapter will be posted every Friday.

The À Punt Pòdcast platform includes a wide range of genres: fiction, humor, entertainment, conversation, documentary and music. In fact, two podcast series are already available on the platform: Solano and developeda comedy podcast from the actor and playwright Zimo Solano Journalist and writer Joan Tor. The podcast's premiere is soon planned You didn't know thata conversation full of curiosities with the most famous faces of À Punt which we will also be able to see on video, the series excitement From imagination Seven days to die With famous Valencian actors and Old womensome interesting conversations that prove that what adults think matters.

On the Punt Podcast already exists in X, Instagram I Facebook To report all premieres and publications, which will also be available on top audio platforms.

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News Squad

in other hand, Squad The first season with new content on social networks. Content creators People's joy, He groaned, goat I Monica Lawrence They reinvent themselves to offer new proposals to followers. And soon Squad The search will begin for new Valencian faces to be part of this group of young people who share content in the Valencian language. Squad It is supported by Generalitat Valentinena through the General Directorate for Linguistic Policy

Band content creators

Among the novelties of this season, we will have Top Weeklya collection of this week's featured videos and monthly podcast, They will come together to discuss experiences and concerns.

Squad He has over 21 million views and has over 30,000 followers on the profiles ofInstagram, Tik Tok I Youtube.

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