“I dream about having sex in public. Lesbian experiences? I’m straight, but anything can happen.”

“I dream about having sex in public. Lesbian experiences? I’m straight, but anything can happen.”

a Nunzia DiGirolamo in hot colours. Former deputy, presenter now hello male On Rai1, in an interview with the newspaper Prophet He talks about his experience in politics and his current TV career, and lets himself go into unexpected confessions, like his biggest erotic dream. “Have sex in public, on the beach or on the street, without worrying about prying eyes,” she admits.

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De Girolamo, Sexual Dreaming and Homosexual Temptation

De Girolamo, who is related to another politician, Francesco Bocchia of the Democratic Party, also recounts the beginnings of their relationship: «He was a free man, very attached to the liberal ideal embodied by his friend and legend Franco Califano. I was insecure, I saw danger everywhere: not today, in the first place there is a family for both ». In addition to dreaming of having sex in public, Nunzia also talks about possible gay experiences: “I am very straight, but anything can happen: I have been proposed to by men but also by many women. Today I received a letter from a lesbian girl who told me that I A perfect woman for her, and I also have many foot fetishes who would do anything for me.”

“I am a TV presenter with a master’s degree in politics. I had a public experience that I do not deny, very complex, which also served me as a training ground for life,” he says of his experience in Parliament. “In politics it was very difficult. I was a young woman from the south and Berlusconi, so the prejudices were lost. On television, with these precedents, I initially found a wall: many thought that if they only talked to me, they would somehow take a political side. The turning point came with Palando. There I showed myself for what I am: an ordinary person.”

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to hello maleThere are those who did not accept the invitation: «I will mention a name: Rocco Papaleo. I love him very much but he was rejected immediately because of my old political affiliation.” Her husband Boccia, with whom the relationship was not easy at first (“Cheating? I didn’t discover them, but…”) defines her as “extremely demanding emotionally and intellectually. A pain in the ass, to say the least.” And she’s very clear about the infidelities: “I always thought I’d never get over them, but after so many years they’ve become less romantic and more sensible and tangible. We’ll have to see.”

In 2014, even Rocco Siffredi said he would make a tough movie with her. How did she react? “I laughed, which my friends still do today when they want to make fun of me with this story. However, I invited Rocco to the first edition of Hello Male and he didn’t come. He sent me a vowel, he didn’t think it was me.” Instead, he ended his speech with politics: “I’m happy with what I have, and I’d like to do better and better because I’m ambitious and I’d like to make a mark, but I’m going to think about it seriously.”

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