The appliances (not just air conditioners) that will have the biggest impact on your bill this summer are the solutions

The appliances (not just air conditioners) that will have the biggest impact on your bill this summer are the solutions

What is it High power electrical appliances Which one will greatly affect electricity consumption during the summer, and therefore will have a significant impact on the energy bill?

The limiting factor for final costs is energy efficiency class from the devices themselves. Although their price may still be significant, it is increasingly advantageous to choose energy-efficient appliances, as they consume less energy than older models. While the use of air conditioning is becoming more widespread due to the increasingly hot summers, it is not found in all homes; But hair dryers, refrigerators and washing machines are practically indispensable. Let’s see everything:

  • Electricity bill, which is the most energy consuming device
  • Solutions to contain electricity consumption

Electricity bill, which is the most energy consuming device

the air conditioner Its annual consumption is 450 kWh which has a decisive impact on the electricity bill, as it produces 143 kg of carbon dioxide. It is a device that is not only ineffective, but also highly polluting. L’hair dryer It can absorb more than 2000 kWh, depending on its power. Not necessarily used every day, especially during the summer when many prefer natural drying.

the refrigeratorAs an always-on appliance, it contributes 25% of a home’s total energy consumption. A refrigerator that produces between 100 and 300 watts will consume approximately 100 to 240 watts per hour. there washing machine It is one of the most energy consuming appliances compared to a dryer. Estimating its consumption is not easy because it depends on various factors, such as washing cycles, temperature and energy class.

there dishwasher Its annual consumption is about 220 kWh. If used properly, it can be more convenient than washing by hand. It is best not to start empty courses with a few dishes inside.

Finally, taking into account the use of 4 hours per day, the TV consumes 190 kWh. with regard to Microwave and electric ovenIts consumption can vary greatly depending on the cooking temperature, the functions used and the duration of use. Other appliances such as a microwave, dishwasher or iron are not found in all Italian homes, as some prefer to wash dishes by hand rather than iron clothes or not use a microwave for reasons of habit or personal preference.

Solutions to contain electricity consumption

there Reducing the energy consumption of home appliances From a point of view, the electricity bill can be obtained mainly through the purchase of efficient appliances with a low environmental impact, as well as through its smart use. A recommended practice is to use the air conditioner in eco mode or in the dehumidifying function, avoid drying dishes with the hot air of the dishwasher and ironing clothes only when necessary.

An effective way to reduce energy consumption is to look for the best deals available on Free market Regarding the light component, through a comparative analysis. This makes it possible to evaluate the real savings in comparison with the regulated market and in comparison with the existing operator, which may no longer be relevant due to the development of market conditions.

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