“I can’t argue and be a fake friend” (Video)

“I can’t argue and be a fake friend” (Video)

Arnold’s disappointment after the final episode of Big Brother.

Arnold Cardaropoli He was Most voted contender in nominations During the last episode of Big brother. a a result Which the young man who followed immediately did not like at all directhe allowed himself to go to one He exploded with the other Jevini and did not hide his doubts and confusion.

Arnold explodes after Gf live

Arnold Cardaropoli He allowed himself to go to A He became very angry with his roommates for them Many nominations were received live. talking with Samira Lui, Ciro Petroni and Lorenzo Remottithe young rival of Big brother He revealed that he had some Difficulty adapting to program dynamics:

It’s not that I’m diplomatic because I don’t want to get into arguments, I’m a calm person. I’d rather be dismissed as someone who doesn’t reveal themselves because that’s who I am. I find it difficult to confront people, argue…with people I feel comfortable with, it’s different. There are people I don’t feel comfortable with. I can’t be a fake friend. If I can’t be the same with everyone, so be it! There are people I have never seen before.

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To console a competitor gf He thought about it SamiraWho advised him not to distort himself, but to continue to show himself in all his details:

I understand you. I took a path that, at least to me, I found ridiculous […] Now that I’ve met you, I would never vote for you. They voted for you because they had nothing to do with you. Alfonso also told me that I was closing the business. You have to be yourself, if you pretend like this is normal.

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