Suspicious gesture from Mirjana Trevisan, the secret message first then the transformation

Another surprising move by showgirl Mirjana Trevisan that stunned Big Brother Vip fans: an incomprehensible episode

Mirjana Trevisan’s gesture (GF Vip screenshot)

in home big brother vipAnd, a few hours before this evening’s live broadcast, another development was recorded. It was this time that elicited the reaction of the audience Mirjana Trevisan with a gesture towards Soleil rise.

The two women at home seemed very close at first because Nicolas Besso They slowly left. Soleil e mirjana In recent months, they have accused each other, and even these days, very harsh accusations have been sent.

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Especially Trevisan He criticized attitudes Soleil Nearby Alex Bailey: comment that worries You didn’t like it. However, in these hours mirjana I decided to write a message to the young publisher unless you decide not to give it to him yet.

Mirjana Trevisan, Sully’s message: an incomprehensible gesture

Miriana Trevisan and Soleil Sorge (GF Vip screenshot)

After very hard and stinging days, Mirjana Trevisan He decided to take the field with a dramatic gesture that left everyone confused. This morning the showgirl actually wrote a note to worries Only to then decide not to give it to him. vippona captured Manila Nazarote To hesitate to deliver this note to the previous suitor: He won’t understand it anyway.

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This gesture is likely to be incomprehensible not only to me worries Even on social media, not many people appreciated this move Trevisan. There are particularly harsh comments on Twitter: “But which letter? Why is the episode approaching and scared?“,”Until yesterday mirjana he said that Soleil She deserves it all and this morning she says she’s sorry. falsity Mirjana … “,”Mirjana ELife is because what you want is to argue with Sole before the episode, you don’t suddenly change your mind.

Therefore, no one seems to believe in the goodwill of the showgirl who, according to many, only intends to pave the way for tonight’s episode. Anyway, the topic, which has been held in court at home for several days, will most likely be taken up by Alfonso Signorini.

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