I found the best brand of coffee in capsules, what a surprise it is cheaper too, you can find it in this well known supermarket

I found the best brand of coffee in capsules, what a surprise it is cheaper too, you can find it in this well known supermarket

Coffee in capsules: discover the best and cheapest brands for only € 1.90!

In recent years, the popularity of capsule coffee machines has seen a significant increase. These machines offer the ease of preparing a delicious cup of coffee in seconds, making them an ideal choice for those who are always in a hurry or want a quick and delicious drink. With the capsule market expanding dramatically, choosing the right blend can be a challenge. But now, thanks to Altroconsumo, we will find out which brand is the best and cheapest on the market.

Altroconsumo puts Nespresso capsules to the test

Altroconsumo conducted an in-depth analysis of 24 types of capsules compatible with the Nespresso system. This study took into account various criteria to determine which capsules offer the best quality and comfort. Aspects evaluated include:

1. Quality and processing of raw materials: Quality of coffee beans used.

2. Moisture in the capsules: This indicates the state of preservation of the coffee.

3. The presence of mineral materials: A high presence indicates low coffee purity.

4. The amount of coffee in the capsules: How much coffee is actually inside?

5. Amount of water-soluble substances: Indication of the coffee body.

6. Evaluation by a jury of experts and consumers.

7. Use compostable or non-compostable capsules.

8. The type of material the capsules are made of.

9. Evaluate the outer packaging and the presence or absence of plastic in the capsule.

Surprise results

After careful analysis, the results surprised many. The best capsules in general, with the same result, belong to a commercial brand:

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  • ESSELUNGA Intense Espresso – 30 capsules – Score 73 – Price 0.23 € per capsule – Best from test
  • CONAD Espresso 100% Arabica – 10 capsules – Score 73 – Price €0.19 per capsule – Best from tested and best buy

In terms of value for money, Conad Espresso 100% Arabica It turned out to be the best option.

Other private label capsules were rated as “Best Buy,” albeit with slightly lower scores than the top two brands:

  • BORBONE Blue Blend (score 70 – price € 0.19 per capsule)
  • Espresso DON JEREZ (Eurospin) Espresso (score 63 – price 0.16 euros per capsule)

Includes capsules of highly rated popular brands Cream and taste of Lavazza, Bialetti Intenso, Vergnano Espresso Cremoso, Gemocca Classico, a cup of Colombian espresso 100% Arabica, Caffè Trombetta, the creamiest espresso, Café Carracci Selezione Napoli, And Nespresso Arpeggio Inspiration.

If you are looking for good quality coffee capsules, options include Corsini Gran Reserva Coffee A selection of fine, creamy coffees. Lore Ristretto, Nespresso Inspiration Ristretto, Cossi Intenso, Illy Classico, Kimbo Barista Espresso Napoli, Segafredo Classico Intensity 10, Lavazza Quality Gold, And Starbucks Espresso Roast by Nespresso.

Finally, there are also capsules of average quality, such as: Harmonious Bellini And Charisma Cafe (MD) 100% Arabica.

In conclusion, regardless of your preference, there is a wide range of coffee pods to choose from, and the best option can be the cheapest too!

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